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AFN Fishing Guide to NSW North Coast

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Product Description


AFN Fishing Guide to NSW North Coast

Whether you are land based or love your boat fishing, you could cruise the NSW North Coast for several lifetimes and never really tire of the magnificent fishing that stretches between Hat Head and Point Danger. Even in the grip of the school holidays you can still find yourself a perfect beach gutter and fish it all by yourself. The same applies for the rock hoppers. So vast is the land and sea scape you will always find a place teaming with fish with an absence of company. You could wander up a lazy river and wonder if there is anybody else left in the world. Exploring an area this large, with its innumerable lakes, rivers and waterways is best undertaken with some guidance. Short of a generous local with some time on their hands the best guide would be the AFN Fishing Guide to NSW North Coast.

You get all of the critical information from the best locations to the best tides baits and rigs for specific species. There is an abundance of camping information as well as details you will need for procuring supplies and restocking tackle boxes. Boaties will benefit from GPS coordinates and boat ramp information and everybody will love the easy to read layout and coloured maps.

If you and your family are planning to spend any time in this area, or even just passing through, it is strongly recommended that you grab yourself an AFN Fishing Guide to NSW North Coast. This guide can turn a great holiday into the best holiday ever. The anglers in your family will have the full heads up on exactly where to go when and what to target where. If there is any information not contained in this guide it’s probably information not worth knowing anyway. Whatever your favourite fishing style, whatever your favourite species. Whether you fish from land or your favourite vessel. This is the guide that will turn an ordinary fishing adventure into the sort of trip legends are made of. Knowledge is power. Get clued in using this guide and find yourself some powerful fish action on the water of the magnificent and beautiful NSW North Coast. You’ll be lost without it. Better being lost with it. At least you’re guaranteed to find a feed of fish.

Features and Specifications

  • All the critical information is contained from locations to species
  • Boat ramp and GPS information
  • Locations for camping and tackle supplies
  • Camping locations
  • National and marine park information
  • Coloured maps with easy to follow references


  • You’ll have all the knowledge of a local, or at least the basics you need to find and target the fish you want.
  • You can save a hell of a lot of time by heading straight to the place you want to fish. No getting lost no mistaking direction.
  • All you need to know to have a successful trip is contained in the one easy to use resource.

Getting the most from a location requires learning a little about the area. The more you know the more chance you have of a successful outcome on the fishing front. The AFN Fishing Guide to NSW North Coast gives you so much more than just a little knowledge, it’s far more than the basics. It’s a comprehensive guide that will see you catching more fish, more often.

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