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Pro Lure Ultra Gar Lure For Sale - Garfish CLEARANCE SALE

After seeing the very first prototype of the Pro Lure Ultra Gar several years ago, we almost started to think that it would never amount to anything more than a pipe dream. The concept of a lure designed to mimic a garfish seemed too ambitious. After all, it takes experience, knowledge, skill and patience to create something as unique as this. However, after meticulous research, testing, and the belief that nothing is impossible, the team at Pro Lure finally perfected the Ultra Gar.

This revolutionary new Australian-designed fishing lure features a precisely formed body that creates an irresistible swimming action, allowing it to mimic the appearance and behaviour of a real garfish. An achievement of this magnitude isn't so easily replicated – the Pro Lure Ultra Gar truly stands alone as one of the most innovative releases of recent times in the fishing industry.

The Ultra Gar has been devised with the ardent angler in mind. It features a rigid, durable through-wire construction with the ability to handle the toughest of strikes and withstand the most extreme Australian Fishing conditions. When you're ready to experience the thrill of targeting huge estuarine flathead, barramundi, mangrove jack or queenfish, or even certain blue water pelagic species like tuna, mahi mahi or mackerel, it's time to take a Pro Lure Ultra Gar Lure and tie it to your line.

The Pro Lure Ultra Gar Fishing Lure is a garfish-style lure designed to be the most authentic, effective, and durable Gar replica product on the market. Thanks to its unique design, Australian anglers will be hooked on this one-of-a-kind lure from the first cast! Don't miss out – get your hands on this incredible product today!

Features and Specifications

  • Type: Hardbody Garfish Replica Lure
  • Size: 150mm (15cm)
  • Models: Pro Lure Ultra Gar is available in Floating (28 grams), Sinking (35 grams) or Flathead Top Water (29 grams)
  • Tackle: Rigged with quality rings and BKK Hooks (Floating comes with 2x BKK trebles, sinking comes with a front treble but rear single and the flathead model is fitted with lighter guage treble hooks to better penetration and hook-setting power.
  • Australian Designed

Note: Price is for one single lure only. Choose the model you wish to order when making your online purchase.

Are Pro Lure Ultra Gar lures designed for freshwater or saltwater fishing?

While there is a stronger focus on the saltwater market, the Pro Lure Ultra Gar lures are versatile enough to be suitable for freshwater and saltwater fishing. With various models available, anglers can choose the right lure for the job – whether you're chasing huge flathead in the estuaries or barramundi in freshwater impoundments. Pro Lure Ultra Gar lures are designed to tackle freshwater and saltwater fishing challenges.

Which Ultra Gar model should I choose?

The Pro Lure Ultra Gar range includes three models – the Floating, Sinking and Flathead Top Water. Depending on your target species and preferred method of fishing, you can choose the suitable model to match your needs. For example, the Flathead Top Water model is the ideal choice if you're chasing monster sized flathead in shallow estuarine waters.

Suppose you are fishing from the rocks or the boat offshore. In that case, the sinking model weighing 35 grams gives you greater casting distance and direct action needed for Australian salmon, tailor, bonito, kingfish and mackerel.

Perhaps you are fishing the mangroves or an impoundment for barramundi, and you want a floating lure? In that case, the Pro Lure Ultra Gar Floating model is the one for you. Whichever model you choose, you can be sure that your Garfish lure will perform to its maximum potential when targeting both saltwater and freshwater species.

Do I need any particular tackle to use the Ultra Gar?

No – all Pro Lure Ultra Gar lures come with quality rings and BKK Treble Hooks. However, if you want the best action and hook-ups, use Ultra-Gars with a braid fishing line and fluorocarbon leader.

How do I use a Pro Lure Ultra Gar lure?

Pro Lure recommends using a walk-the-dog style of retrieve for the best performance. That means that after you cast the lure, if you then position your rod at a medium-slightly down-angled position, use a mix of short, sharp twitches and steady retrieves, it will result in an erratic action that mimics a garfish darting around the water.

Where can I purchase Pro Lure Ultra Gar lures?

Pro Lure Ultra Gar lures are available at the fishing tackle shop.

We sell all the popular colours, including Ballyhoo, Natural, Saury, Piper, Emerald and Albino Flash. Buy the Pro Lure Ultra Gar today! It's the perfect addition to any angler's lure box. With its realistic design and dependable construction, this revolutionary new Aussie-designed lure will have you catching fish with confidence. Get your hands on one now and experience the unparalleled results the Pro Lure Ultra Gar lure achieves.


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