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Penn International Reel VI Series

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Product Description

Penn International Reel VI Series For Game Fishing - 2 Speed

Game fisho's get excited! It's not too often game reels get a make over however Penn have just taken the new Penn International reel to a brand new level. Still proudly made in the USA the biggest difference between the old Penn International VS series and the new VI series is the difference in weight. All reels in the series have had weight reduction which means a reel that is more manageable and less chance of angler fatigue.

There are few game boats which have never been graced by the class of Penn International Reel. A tradition since the early 30’s, Penn continues to develop outstanding game reels, and the Penn International VI game series is no exception. Dual Speed gearing and outstanding line capacities are just the beginning of these feature laden reels.

Constructed from air craft grade aluminium, the fully machined frame and side plates provide the strength and rigidity, while keeping things light. The stainless dual speed gearing allows for serious cranking power that can be easily switched up when speed is required. Carbon Fibre Dura Drag ensures a very smooth take off, the most critical point of the battle, and is easily managed by the easy to use lever system.

Multi-stop Anti reverse keeps the pressure on the fish, ensuring you have the best chance of seeing your hook-up through the battle, and all the way to the gunwale. It should also be mentioned that the Penn International VI Reel series is cosmetically stunning, with classic Penn gold, and sleek styling.

Fishing for the likes of Shark, Tuna, Sailfish and record breaking Marlin requires the toughest, most reliable game fishing reels, to give you an upper edge in the battle. The Penn International Reel VI series provides the sort of high end fishing performance that is always required, to hit the blue water’s biggest with supreme confidence. Check the selection below, and choose a size that meets your sporting requirements, and put one in your shopping basket.


Features and Specifications

ModelGear Ratios (2 speed)Max Drag (lb, Kg)Approx Mono Line Capacity (yds, lb)Approx Braid Capacity (yds, lb)Weight grams (approx)Recommended Rod
30VISW 4.1:1 / 1.4:1 30lb | 13.6kg 1030 yds / 30lb - 15kg 1220yds / 100lb 1588 grams 15kg Stroker
50VISW 3.5:1 / 1.3:1 45lb | 20.4kg 880yds / 50lb - 24kg 1810yds / 100lb 1900 grams 24kg Stroker
70VIS 3.1:1 / 1.5:1 55lb | 24.9kg 1085yds / 50lb 24kg or 685yds / 80lb 37kg 2230yds / 100lb 2098 grams 24-37kg Stroker
80VISW 3.1:1 / 1.5:1 65lb | 29.5kg 1120yds / 80lb - 37kg 3640yds / 100lb 3203 grams 37kg Stroker
130VIS 2.3:1 / 1.1:1 100lb | 45.4kg 1005yds / 130lb - 60kg 3085yds / 200lb 4792 grams 60kg Stroker
12VISX Open Top 5.1:1 / 1.8:1 40lb | 18.1kg 1510yds /10lb, 1030yds/12lb or 880yds/15lb 985yds/40lb, 840yds/50lb or 700yds/65lb 908 grams 6-24kg Overhead
16 VISX Open Top 4.6:1 / 1.6:1 45lb | 20.4kg 745yds / 20lb, 555yds / 30lb or 280yds / 60lb 745yds / 20lb 555yds / 30lb 280yds / 60lb 1021 grams 8-24kg Overhead
20 VISX Open Top 4.1:1 / 1.4:1 50lb | 22.6kg 490yds / 40lb, 365yds / 50lb or 325yds / 60lb 750yds / 100lb 625yds / 130lb 460yds / 200lb 1446 grams 10-24kg Overhead / 10kg stroker
30 VISX Open Top 4.1:1 / 1.4:1 55lb | 24.9kg 590yds / 40lb, 440yds / 50lb or 390yds / 60lb 905yds / 100lb 750yds / 130lb 555yds / 200lb 1503 grams 15kg Stroker
50 VISX Open Top 3.5:1 / 1.3:1 60lb | 27.2kg 870yds /40lb, 645yds / 50lb or 575yds / 60lb 1330yds / 100lb 1505yds / 130lb 815yds / 200lb 1786 grams 24kg Stroker
  • Fully machined aluminium frame and side plates
  • 5 Ball Bearing System
  • 100% Stainless steel gear train
  • Quick Shift 2 speed system
  • Dura Drag system
  • Ratcheted drag lever
  • Shielded stainless steel ball bearings
  • Drag Material:   Carbon Fibre
  • Multi-Stop Anti-Reverse
  • Right hand wind
  • Harness Lugs provided on all sizes from 20 and up.
  • Penn International Reel VI Series

Note: Price is for 1 reel only, and varies depending on which model you choose to order. To check a price first select the model from our ordering menu near the add to cart button and the price for that model will display.

Penn International Reel VI Series Buyers Guide

Many ask us the question what is the difference between the Penn International VIS Reel and The VISX Reel and which one should I buy?  Well to answer that simply without making it too complicated the VIS/VISW Series are designed to be wider and are ideal for anglers that are using monofilament IGFA Lines whereas the Penn International VISX reel are a somewhat narrower in comparison and are designed for the anglers that use higher test class mono where line capacity isn’t as important but more so, The VISX is geared up for the braid angler, and has placed emphasis on those anglers that push huge amounts of drag into the fight. To do this, Penn have included Machine-Cut, Heat-Treated Stainless Steel Main and Pinion Gears, and Drag Cam. The Frame and side plate are forged aircraft grade aluminium, keeping things light will providing incredible strength and rigidity. The bearings are Aircraft-Grade, Sealed, Stainless Steel, working in perfect synchronicity with the hugely powerful gears. The result is smooth, consistent and reliable cranking, especially under load.

So That’s pretty much it. The VISX are better for those using braid and the VIS /VISW series for those using mono line.


  • Constructed from aircraft grade aluminium providing superb strength while keeping weight to a minimum.
  • Machined 2-speed stainless steel gear train. The 2 speeds give you the choice of more speed or raw cranking power. The stainless construction ensures longevity. Dual gear settings allow for speed or cranking power, and the lever drag system provides easy control and setting changes during battle. All operations are intuitively designed.
  • The Dura Drag System ensures drag is smooth on take-off.  Hesitation is nigh on abolished, for more confidant, consistent hook-ups.
  • Outstanding line capacities across the range making them ideal for the traditional mono anglers.
  • The Multi stop Anti- Reverse provides the angler with excellent control over a long fight, ensuring lines remain taught, with the pressure on the fish.
  • Harness lugs on models 20 and up provide a suitable anchor point, for safety, as well as load distribution, assisting the angler to lay in to a battle.

The famous flash of Penn gold instills confidence when the pressures on in the blue water environment. The Penn International Game Reels VI Series for sale now has all the class to see you dominate the oceans biggest.

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