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Opera House Yabby Nets (4pc Pack)

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Product Description

Opera House yabby nets (Pack of 4 traps for sale) Jarvis Walker Brand

WARNING: Be sure you check your state and territory regulations there are some places where Opera House Yabby Nets have been deemed illegal for use to protect native species that rely on yabbies as food source such as platypus. As such we urge those who are catching yabbies to consider only using this type of trap in farm dams etc where Australian native species like platypus do not inhabit.

This product is in the process of being discontinued from our webstore. This will be your last chance to purchase these nets before they are gone.


Catching yabbies is one of Australia’s great outback pastimes. There’s nothing easier and nothing more delicious than a feed of yabbies. All you need is a dam or creek, several Opera House Yabbie Nets, a length of rope and some time on your hands. You will also need some bait to tie into the net. The experts will tell you, a good bait is essential for a good catch. Fresh fish flesh is often seen as the best. No doubt, it’s a good bait. When you are fishing the vast number of dams on an outback property however, fresh fish flesh is not necessary for a huge haul. Anything from a ham bone with some flesh on it to an old chicken leg will work wonders in these locations and believe it or not rockmelon will also drive a yabby crazy.

The Opera House yabby nets for sale feature fine, durable mesh and double entry rings. There is also a bait holding basket which ties securely in the centre of the net. Ensure the bait net stays there, if a Yabbie can access the bait from outside your net it certainly will and you’ll pull up an empty net with no bait and no yabbies. The net design prevents other animals such as Platypus from entering the trap. It’s important to check the legality of the net you are using against local laws. Most dams are on private property but if fishing in public areas is pays to know the regulations.

Yabbie hunting is very rewarding and a whole heap of fun. While your traps are set you can picnic, fish or kick back and enjoy the peace. For a great haul, leave the traps out overnight. Be conservative. Your Opera House Yabbie net can take a surprising number of Yabbies. Keep only what you want to eat fresh and put the others back to grow, breed and keep stocks healthy.

The Opera House yabby nets for sale now are sold in value packs of 4. Grab a pack now.

Features and Specifications

  • Value pack of 4 Opera house nets
  • Fine, durable mesh
  • Double entry rings 7.5cm Ring
  • Sturdy metal frame
  • Bait holding bag
  • Jarvis Walker Brand


  • Study construction. Can handle being launched out into the dam and hauled back with a full load.
  • Double entry rings provide greater access for more Yabbies, increasing your catch
  • The handy 4-piece value pack saves you money. You get more for less.
  • The mesh is durable enough to handle many sessions yet fine enough to ensure the Yabby gets caught up and trapped.
  • Folds down for easy storage and transport.

There’s nothing more Australian than throwing in a few Yabby nets into a local river or outback tank or dam. It’s great family fun that the kids will love. More often than not you will pick up a fantastic feed of fine Aussie yabbies.

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