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Gillies Pyramid Lift Net for Yabbies – Yabby Nets

For many of us, hunting Yabbies in the dams, tanks, creeks and rivers when we were kids is a wonderful memory. The hunt, the catch and the delicious spoils were so good, most of us have continued chasing Yabbies from childhood, and we deploy a trap whenever we get the chance.

The Gillies Pyramid Yabby Nets for sale now is an extremely important development for Yabbie hunting fans. More importantly, the Gillies Pyramid Lift Net for Yabbies is vitally important for our iconic, much loved monotreme, the Platypus.

The use of certain Yabbie traps, especially the Opera house yabby trap, has been responsible for the deaths of hundreds of Platypus in Victoria alone. Estimates suggest a drop of 50% in Platypus numbers, with certain shaped Yabby traps being the most destructive.

The opera house yabby trap is banned in many locations, as are other styles of traps. The Gillies Pyramid Lift Net for Yabbies is government approved but be sure to check your intended trapping location for local rules. Be aware, those caught using the (banned) traps face a $37,000 fine or up to two years in jail.

At the fishing tackle shop we are strong advocates of responsible fishing practices. That’s why we’re selling the Gillies Pyramid Lift Net for Yabbies for rock bottom prices to encourage as many of you to buy as many traps as you can so we can see an end to the deadly bycatch.

Granted, you’re not going to see any Platypus in a tank out back of Bourke in the middle of a massive sheep station, but it’s better to encourage best practice and get rid of the old methods that have caused so much destruction.

Catching Yabbies is a super fun pastime, and Yabbies taste delicious! Grab yourself a few Gillies Pyramid Lift Net for Yabbies, and hit your favourite puddle for a legal feed of Yabbies. The conservationists will be satisfied, fisheries won’t put you in gaol and we’ll have the beautiful and fascinating Platypus with us always. By the way, go easy on the Yabby numbers too. They’re part of the food chain, and Murray Cod and Golden Perch rely on them.

Features and Specifications

  • Pyramid yabby net (replaces obsolete Opera House traps)
  • Meets government compliance requirements (always check local rules to be completely sure)
  • Collapsible and stackable
  • Constructed with durable netting and sturdy frames
  • Tough and durable nylon connection rope


  • The Platypus is much safer against harm
  • As the traps meet government standards you are free from the worry of prosecution for illegal fishing.
  • Yabby traps always cop a beating. Sturdy construction and durable components ensures you can use your traps from many a Yabby hunt.
  • Sold rigged and ready. Just add a length of rope. It’s that easy
  • Collapsible and stackable, you can take a bunch of Gillies Pyramid Lift Net for Yabbies easily, and store them easily when your done

The Gillies Pyramid Lift Net for Yabbies are for sale now. Get compliant and save the Platypus while catching a feed of one of Australia’s greatest local feeds. Yabbies taste fabulous and they are a heap of fun to catch. Grab a bunch of Gillies Pyramid yabby nets for Yabbies now.


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