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Megastrike Scent Fishing Attractant

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Megastrike Scent Fishing Attractant

Megastrike Scent – Garlic, is a scientifically advanced formula for attracting fish to your lure, encouraging them to strike harder, hold, and actually consume your lure. Time and again fish attractant has proven itself to be an absolute must to increase your catch. There are however, a growing number of fish attractants on the market all claiming miraculous results. Megastrike Fish attractant hit the market with tremendous hype and the feedback suggests this hype is warranted. Megastrike Scent is designed to work in conjunction with the fish's chemo receptors and olfactory glands making your lure totally irresistible, naturally.

Megastrike Scent is available in 3 options to choose from including original, crawfish and garlic.

The garlic scent is indeed curious. But we don’t think it has anything to do with Pizza and Pasta loving Mediterranean flavoured fish. One can assume the boffins in the creative labs at MegaStrike know something we don’t and their lab coats kind of prove this to some extent. Whatever the reason, whatever the science behind it, the Garlic flavoured Megastrike Scent has and incredible effect on fish of all species as does their crawfish and original fishing attractant versions. Do yourself a favour and turn a sluggish day on the water to an absolute fishing bonanza. You’ll be bagging out, while the angler next to you fumes about his hapless, untouched lure not getting so much as a sniff. Get yourself a tube of MegaStrike Scent and never cast an unscented lure again.

Features and Specifications

  • Amino Acid and Protein Based
  • Molecularly Structured
  • Gel style fishing attractant that sticks to your lure – Lasts a lot longer than some other brands of fishing attractant scents.
  • Provided with a handy applicator tube so no mess.
  • Volume: Approx 57 grams
  • Does not have a shelf life – So this product does not go out of date

Note: Choose from Garlic Formula, crawfish formula or original formula Price is for 1 tube only so simply select the flavour you would like to purchase from our ordering menu.


  • Turns and ordinary lure into a fish catching machine.
  • You will catch more fish, more often.
  • Fish bite harder, and keep it in their mouths longer giving you far more time to strike.
  • While those around you catch little with unscented lures, your Megastrike Scent coated lure will be cleaning up.
  • No mess and no fuss, keep it in your tackle box until it’s time for a new tube, it won’t degrade or go off.
  • Scientifically designed formula that is proven to catch more fish.

It is very rare to see a lure enthusiast casting plastics without the use of a fishing scent. Somehow, it would just seem as though you are not optimising your potential without a quick coating of Megastrike Scent. It is very affordable and incredibly effective. If you are not using Megastrike attractant, you are not catching as many fish as you could. It is that simple. Buy one or several tubes now so you know you’ll always have some at hand to share with your mates.


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