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Jarvis Walker Clear Bubble Float

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Jarvis Walker Clear Bubble Float

The Jarvis Walker Clear bubble float for sale now is a brilliant method for fishing the surface. It is very popular but within a niche group of anglers. Those who fish for Carp and Trout using live baits, grubs, fresh flesh baits and corn (for the Carp), get tremendous results when fishing the evenings or well shaded river banks. The technique is very simple, as is rigging and the results can be spectacular.

The bubble float can be used unweighted or weighted. Simply fill the float partially with water, allowing some air to remain so it remains buoyant. This water provides all the weight you need for casting. splits in the top of the float allow you to fill and regulate the amount water. Run a line through the eyelets, and secure the float with a couple of tiny split shots or float stoppers to stop it running up and down the main line. A meter leader is ideal.

Your hook size will be determined by the size of bait you are using and the target you are chasing. If you are using PowerBait dough or a similar pudding bait, a Luderick size hook is a great idea. Trout and Carp will be well hooked on a Luderick hook.

There are many Aussie angler who fish this method for the pesky Carp. It should be remembered that if you fish super light for big carp it can be awesome fun. When you catch a carp, do not return it to the water. Despatch humanly and bury. The carp is an introduced species that has had a devastating impact on our native fish stocks and environment. Do not return them to the water. Have fun catching them, and do your country a service at the same time by removing them from the environment.

Available in packs of 2 clear bubble floats, why not grab a pack of Jarvis Walker Clear bubble floats and try your hand at targeting other species with a bubble float. Chasing Bream at night using a pudding bait might just land you a monster with your bubble float rig.

Features and Specifications

  • Constructed from clear plastic
  • Double stoppers and holes for filling and regulating the water
  • Packet of 2 floats
  • Very popular for freshwater fishing
  • Can be used for fresh or saltwater fishing styles


  • An ideal rig for fishing for Carp and Trout.
  • The perfect method for fishing the surface or near surface on light kit.
  • Easy to rig, easy to cast and inexpensive.
  • Being clear in colour the fish are less likely to be intimidated.

Jarvis Walker Clear bubble float is a fun and exciting way to fish the surface or near surface. Fish unweighted and watch the float dive under the water as your target takes off with the bait. The kids love this method of fishing, and so will you.


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