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Classic Bluewater Saury Lure

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Classic Bluewater Saury Lure For Sale

It is great to have a brilliant looking lure. It is even better when it is finely tuned, and swims as intended. However, these features are useless when your lure intended for aggressive pelagic species fails in the strength department.

The Classic Bluewater Saury Lure ticks all critical criteria. The trolling lure is a massive 230mm long. Yes, it’s for huge pelagic species. The twin super strong and sharp 9/0 VMC singles is another little hint your targeting BIG.

Classic Bluewater Saury Lure swims perfectly at both slower and moderate speeds. It dives 5 meters plus, and mimics the baitfish hunted by our biggest of sports species.

It’s ideal for Spaniards, wahoo, mackerel, tuna and the biggest of yellowtail kingfish, to name just a few. At this size, however, expect interest from anything significant.

Strength is delivered via heavy-duty, stainless steel, through-wire construction. Heavy-duty rings and hardware complement a new reinforced bib design. Power is also apparent in the nose wired tow point, that also delivers a consistent, predictable and irresistible swimming action.

There are some fantastic colour finishes with several of them featuring feature the patented “LiveGlo” fluorescent technology. You might not see the subtleties in these colours, but the fish certainly do.

The Classic Bluewater Saury Lure is sold ready to deploy straight out of the box, no fine-tuning is required.

Notably, the strength is such that following a wrestle with a mega Spaniard, the Saury is ready to deploy again – no re-tune required. When you don’t have to muck about it saves you precious time, and of course, we are desperate to get a successful lure straight back in the water while the fish are around.

Features and Specifications

  • Type: Trolling Minnow
  • Length: 230mm
  • Weight: Approximately 108 grams
  • Hooks: 2 x single VMC 9/0
  • Depth: 5+ meters
  • Speed: Various
  • Nose wire tow point
  • Stainless through-wire
  • Heavy-duty rings and hardware
  • Ideal for offshore boat fishing
  • Target species include queenfish, kingfish, tuna, mackerel and other large predatory saltwater ocean fish.

Note: You will note we have multiple images on this listing. Price is for one single lure only. The various photos are solely for illustration. Choose the colour required when placing your online order.


  • Ready to go straight out of the box. No tuning required. This saves plenty of time.
  • Robust enough to handle aggressive battles and be deployed again without re-tuning.
  • Stainless through-wire and heavy-duty hardware stand up to the punishment from heavy, hard fighting toothy fish.
  • An ideal trolling lure for just about all pelagic sports fish in the ocean.

The Classic Bluewater Saury Lure does everything well. The Lance Butler Design indicates that this is a trolling lure of the highest pedigree, explicitly designed for the more discerning trolling angler.



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