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Okuma Fishing Reels


Okuma Fishing Reels are a brand and class of reel that serves first-time anglers to tournament-level competitors. Choose from a core selection of Okuma fishing reels that covers a range of designs, including spinning, overhead, game fishing, and bait feeder.

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Okuma Spinning Reels

Shop online here for Okuma spinning reels – Quality that everyone can afford.

Okuma Bait Feeder Reels

Let fish take your bait and run with our range of Okuma Baitfeeder fishing reels – Buy Now!

Okuma Overhead Fishing Reels

Okuma Overhead Fishing Reels for boat anglers can be found here. Check them out.

Okuma Game Fishing Reels

For adrenaline pumping action - Okuma has you covered. Chase tuna, marlin and other game fish.



Okuma Spinning Reels – Consists of models from RTX, Salina , Avenger reels and more. Each range offers astounding value and comes with plenty of features, particularly their ability to resist corrosion in saltwater.

Okuma Bait Feeder Reels – Ideally suited to boat fishing, surf or rock fishing in the larger sizes and lake, river and light boat for the smaller sizes these bait feeder reels consist of Avenger, Epix, Trio, and Salina. Find your perfect model based on drag rating, size and spool capacity. Many of these fishing reels pack a strong punch.

Okuma Overhead Reels – Pro anglers will be drawn to the blistering performance of these overhead fishing reels.

Okuma Game Fishing Reels – These game fishing reels give you a choice of the Solterra or Makaira ranges. Both sets of models feature the ability for responding to new challenges in heavy weight game fishing. The premium price tags reflect the extensive list of features in each range.


Okuma Fishing Reels