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Body Boards & Surf Boards


We may pride ourselves on being one of the leading online fishing stores on the internet however we also have access to a wide range of associated water sports items and this includes body boards and soft surfboards. In fact they are actually one of our biggest selling items come spring and summer.

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Soft Surfboards

Check out our high quality Soft Surfboards for sale which caters to both professionals and beginners!

Body Boards

Buy low priced Body Boards online from our collection of high innovative body board styles for sale!

Surf Board & Body Board Accessories

Here we provide various Surf Board & Body Board Accessories - See them here.!



Soft Surboards – We carry a range of soft top surfboards for the novice and the more advanced surfer in brands such as Land & Sea, Adrenalin, Redback and mirage.

Terrific Value – The low cost means they are affordable for the whole family. They make great Christmas presents too. One thing to remember is because they are not fibreglass they are a lot less likely to inflict nasty injury, especially for beginners.