16th Oct 2014

Shimano TK3G Fishing Rods - Australian Series

Shimano TK3G Fishing Rods

Shimano Tcurve TK3G Fishing Rods

From Shimano Australia and Ian Miller comes an innovative range of fishing rods from an already successful range. Shimano Tcurve has long been a popular series among anglers, spawning various upgrades and introductions of new models. TK3G offer high-performance fishing rods that are ideally suited to lure fishing.

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About our range of Shimano TK3G Rods

High Modulus Graphite – Performance of these robust Shimano spinning and baitcaster rods is driven by a C4S blank, which is crafted from high modulus graphite. The end result is a supremely lightweight fishing rod with astonishing strength and sensitivity.

Tangle-Free – Get ready to fall in love with the Fuji K guides, as these deliver tangle-free performance and eliminate the frustration of fighting with your braided fishing line. Speaking of which, a lure-keeper is also fitted to these each of these Shimano fishing rods.

Supreme Comfort – The custom EVA grips have been designed to be hard-wearing as well as comfortable. You will feel entirely at ease whether you are casting or fighting with your next catch.

From Light to Heavy – Choose from ultra lightweight Shimano rods for bream, or else go with a heavier model for barra lure casting. Other potential targets include mangrove jack, murray cod, and yellowbelly, snapper and more depending on which TK3G T-Curve rod you choose.

Making Life Easier – With 11 fishing rods in our selection of models from the TK3G range, there is a lot of information to consider.

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