Bassday SugaPen Splash Popper Lure

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Bassday SugaPen Splash Popper Inshore Surface Fishing Lure

Heart-pounding topwater strikes are some of the most exciting in fishing. When an aggressive predator explodes through the surface in a spray of water to inhale your lure, it's a thrill that's hard to beat. If you're looking for a lure that can turn any inshore fishing trip into an adrenaline-filled adventure, you need the Bassday SugaPen Splash Popper Lure.

This innovative popper lure is ingeniously designed to grab the attention of fish and provoke them into attack mode. The realistic profile mimics a juicy prawn struggling helplessly on the surface, an irresistible sight for predatory species. The concave face amplifies bubbles and pops, creating a stir that calls fish in from a distance.

Whether you're chasing bass in a secluded dam or sight casting to whiting cruising the flats, the Bassday SugaPen Splash Popper Lure delivers topwater magic. Its versatility allows it to produce non-stop action in fresh or saltwater.

When you tie on the Bassday SugaPen Splash Popper Lure, be prepared for a fishing trip you'll never forget. The heart-stopping topwater strikes will keep you on the edge of your seat. Bring the excitement to your next fishing session with the bass-busting, fish-catching SugaPen Splash popper from Bassday!

Features Features and Specifications

  • Realistic popper lure mimics a struggling prawn
  • Concave face creates loud pops and splashes
  • Suitable for whiting, bream, bass and other inshore species
  • Aerodynamic shape for long, accurate casts
  • Built tough to handle repeated strikes
  • 75mm length, 5.3g weight
  • 2023 AFTA Award winner for Best Hardbody Lure

Note: The price shown is for one SugaPen Splash lure only. Multiple images are for illustration purposes.

Is the SugaPen Splash suitable for freshwater fishing?

Yes, the versatility of the SugaPen Splash makes it an excellent lure for freshwater fishing. It's proven effective on bream, bass, whiting, perch and even flathead on the shallows.

What rod and reel combo should I use with the Bassday SugaPen Splash Popper Lure?

A lightweight spin outfit in the 2-5kg range paired with a braided line is ideal. This allows for long casts and excellent lure control.

How do I work the SugaSplash lure for the best action?

Use a stop-and-go retrieve, varying the pace to create sporadic pops and splashes. Let the lure rest in between bursts of movement. Vary retrieves until you find what triggers strikes.

Bring the Topwater Excitement - Buy a Bassday SugaPen Splash Popper Lure

If you want heart-stopping topwater strikes from predator inshore fish, the Bassday SugaPen Splash Popper Lure delivers. The realistic shrimp profile and loud popping action drive fish into a feeding frenzy. Cast the SugaPen Splash lure around the structure and edges to attract explosive strikes. Bring the action to the surface with the Bassday SugaPen Splash by ordering one today at the fishing tackle shop!


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