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Abu Garcia Veritas Rods

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Product Description

Abu Garcia Veritas Rods - Fishing Rods For Sale

2017 saw the release of the brand-new range of the Abu Garcia Veritas fishing rod series. The idea of the upgrade in this current model now known as the 3.0 series was to provide a fishing rod that sported all the classic actions and features anglers have come to know and love in the Veritas range but at a much more affordable price point and built extremely strong using Abu Sublayer Armour technology.

The new series still sports the classic classy white design as seen in all previous series of models and are built using quality fuji tangle resistant componentry. The Veritas 3.0 range are built on a 30 ton graphite blank with Sublayer Armor for the ultimate in both sensitivity and strength then finished off with comfortable ergonomic ultralon material EVA grips providing the best transmission in regards to sensitivity.

In the new series, we have a range of Abu Garcia Veritas rods for sale covering the finesse angler with a range of light spinning rods for anglers targeting lakes and rivers fishing for bream, bass or trout through to the angler that fishes heavier inshore for cod, barra or mulloway. Those that fish offshore as well are not forgotten with a range of medium-heavy boat spin sticks and a few jigging rods for sale among the mix.

Features and Specifications

  • Abu Garcia Veritas 3.0 series – 2017 release model (and current)
  • 30 Ton graphite blank
  • Sublayer Armour
  • Ultralon EVA grips
  • Fuji Anti Tangle Alconite Insert Guides
  • Ultra-sensitive and light weight construction design

Note Images for illustration only – As there are many models we can’t photograph each individual one so there may be slight differences between models and the image online. Price is for one rod only and can vary depending on which model you chose to purchase from our order menu.

ModelLengthPiece constructionLine weightLure weightAction / TypeSuggested useIdeal reel size
702L 7ft 2 2-4kg 2-10 grams Light Spin Inshore (lake, river etc) 1000/10 , 2000/20, 2500/25
682ML 6ft 8 inch 2 3-7kg 8-35 grams Med-light Spin Inshore (lake, river etc) 2500/25
702M 7ft 2 4-8kg 10-48 grams Medium Spin Inshore (lake, river etc) light offshore 2500/25, 3000/30
722H 7ft 2 inch 2 6-10kg 7-45 grams Heavy Spin Heavy inshore cod, barra etc & offshore 4000/40, 50000/50
701XH 7ft 1 8-15kg 18-85 grams Extra heavy Spin Offshore 5000/50, 6000/60
922H 9ft 2inch 2 6-10kg 20-68 grams Heavy Spin Shore spin / rock 5000/50, 60/6000
1002H 10ft 2 10-15kg 30-120 grams Heavy Spin Rock / Beach 60/6000
631LJ 6ft 3 inch 1 PE 1-3 Max 80g Light/med Spin Boat / Light jigging 3000/30, 4000/40
651J 6ft 5 inch 1 PE 2-4 Max 120g Medium Spin Boat / med jig 4000/40
621J 6ft 2 inch 1 PE 3-5 Max 230g Med/Heavy Spin Boat / heavy jig 5000/50
C-601H 6ft 1 5-10kg 12-68 grams Baitcaster / overhead Barramundi / cod etc Baitcaster
782UL EGI 7ft 8 inch 2 PE 0.4-1.0 2.0-4.0 Jigs Light Egi Squid Fishing Rod EGI 2000-2500

Abu Garcia Veritas Rod Buyer’s Guide

You will have seen above that we stock many rods in the Abu Garcia Veritas rods range for sale and you may be a little lost about which rod you should buy from the range. We will now go into a little further detail to assist you in making the correct decision. Also take note in the chart above we have put together a recommended reel size for each model to make life easier for you in knowing what size reel goes with what model of Veritas rod.

Light – Medium River and Lake models (spin).

In the line-up of fishing rods for sale we start off with model 702L being rated 2-4kg this is by far our bestselling model for all those that fish the lakes and rivers targeting all the bread and butter fish species such as flathead, beam and whiting in the saltwater and Australian bass, trout and perch in the freshwater. Its light class makes it an ideal allrounder for light fishing styles.

Models 682ML and 702M are the models to consider purchasing if you want to step it up a little. Their line ratings are the next level up meaning that if you are not yet confident in using lighter gear in the lakes and rivers then these models are the ideal choice. They also make great for those that target slightly larger fresh and saltwater fish species such as bigger yellowbelly perch, small lake jewfish, mangrove jack and any fish that might give you a little more curry over your traditional light class fish. These few rods also make an ideal choice for anglers that fish offshore where the water isn’t too deep and you have a desire to fish ultra-light offshore.

Heavier Spin Models.

For those that fish heavy spin gear for big barra, cod and fish offshore we suggest considering the Veritas 722H or the 701XH model. Both these models are of heavier class and designed to handle the likes of cod, barra, kingfish, big samlon, tailor, snapper and other species that bless our inshore and offshore waters.

Boat Jigging Models

For those anglers that love fishing offshore and doing a bit of jigging we have a couple of models for sale being the 631J which is ideal for mico-light jigs and designed to take braided lines between PE 1-3, which are braided lines with a diameter between 0.165-0.285mm and which often falls near the vicinity between 10-30lb braid.

Next, we have the 651J which is the next level up in strength and ideal for jigging with lures up to 120 grams and fine for a little offshore bottom bouncing on the reefs as well. It has a PE line rating of 2-4 which is braids with a line diameter of 0.23mm – 0.33mm (generally between 20-40lb).

Lastly in the Jigging rod range we have the Abu Garcia 621J Fishing rod with a jigging lure rating of up to 230 grams. This rod is ideal for both offshore jigging or bottom bouncing. Its PE line rating is PE3-5 or braids with diameter 0.285 to 0.370 or around 30-50lb.

Rock and Beach Fishing Models

If you fish the rocks and spin lures one rod we like to suggest to our customers is the Veritas 922 rod. This rod being 9ft 2 inches in length makes the ideal choice for shore spinning. Perfect for the likes of targeting kingfish, bonito, Australian salmon, tailor, cobia and a wide range of other sport fish. We also have the 10ft model veritas which does all that the Veritas 922 does however with the extra length it means it makes a wiser decision to purchase the 1002H if you also fish the beaches to assist with getting that bait or lure out just that little bit further.

Overhead Baitcaster Model

For Anglers that love to go fishing rod Barramundi or murray cod we have you covered with the Abu Garcia Veritas baitcaster rod model C-601H a 5-10kg rated rod with a lure weight of 12-68 grams to throw all your favourite barra and cod lures from spinnerbaits to soft plastics, large hard body lures to various swimbaits.

Squid Egi Rod Model

For Squid anglers Veritas has you covered with a EGI rod in the range being the Veritas 782UL Egi Rod Ideal for squid jigs up to 4.0 size.



  • We mentioned earlier and re-enforce that The Abu Garcia Veritas Fishing Rod range is affordable the price is within reach of most angler’s budgets.
  • Abu only use quality components in the construction of their rod range such as fuji guides with alconite inserts (great for braid).
  • Ultralon EVA grips give you better sensitivity, transmission and bite detection.
  • Abu Sublayer Armour ensures the graphite construction is a little tougher than traditional graphite rods. Sublayer is a process that helps re-enforce the fibres of carbon providing better durability without sacrifice of sensitivity and feel.

Now all that is left is for you to do is decide which one of our Abu Garcia Veritas rods for sale takes your fancy and buy it. For the ultimate rod offering impressive strength and sensitivity at an amazing price make it an Abu Garcia Veritas 3.0 Rod.

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