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Surf Board Leg Rope

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Product Description

Surfboard Leg Rope

A reliable surfboard leg rope is a must-have accessory before you hit the waves. And this leg rope from Redback Surf Ware is as sturdy as they come.

Surfboard leg ropes ensure that your board won’t get away from you whenever you become separated in rough conditions. This is critical for safety, as a buoyancy aid will help you get back to land from deep waters.

The shock-absorbing urethane will lessen the effect of rough impacts, while the comfortable quick-release ankle strap with ball bearings and double swivels will minimize tangles. A swivelled rail saver is also included to protect your board.

These pro-standard leg ropes are as affordable as they come.

Features and Specifications

♦   6 Foot in Length

♦   Ankle strap lined with neoprene

♦   Double swivels

♦   Quick-release ankle strap

♦   Shock-absorbing urethane line

♦   Smooth-running ball bearings

♦   Swivelled rail saver



♦   Find your board quickly after every fall and stay safe in rough conditions.

♦   Avoid tangles with the aid of an ankle strap that includes smooth-running ball bearings and double swivels.

♦   The quick-release ankle strap has been lined with neoprene to provide comfort during hour after hour of riding.

♦   Impacts taken by the leg rope will be minimized by shock-absorbing urethane.

♦   A swivelled rail saver will ensure that the rails of your board will receive better protection from damage.

Convenience is the obvious benefit from a surfboard leg rope, but safety is much more important. These leg ropes from Redback Surf Ware deliver on both quality and value for money. Make a small invest in your safety today.



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