Warlock Cod Hopper Surface Lure

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Warlock Cod Hopper Lure – Surface Lure for Murray cod & Barra

There is nothing quite like fishing the surface. Nothing matches the thrill and excitement as your lure is monstered from beneath by a large predatory species. The Warlock Cod Hopper Lure is designed to make a heck of a disturbance on the top water. This is the sort of disturbance that will bring big Murray Cod and Big Barra from the protection of the structure to crab a quick meal.

The Warlock Cod Hopper Lure is definitely a Murray Cod and Barra specialist. Tossing lures on the surface for Barra has been popular for quite some time, and now the trend has really taken off fishing for the Murray Cod.

The Warlock Cod Hopper Lure is fast becoming a go-to weapon for the Murray Cod. If you fish the fresh or if you fish the salt for Barramundi, grab yourself a selection of colours if you can help it, your Warlock Cod Hopper Lure will become a favourite for sure.

Features and Specifications

  • Type: Paddler/Popper
  • Weight: 30gm
  • Length: 98mm
  • Depth: Surface Lure
  • Action: Walk/Paddle
  • Hooks: 2 x 3X Strong VMC Trebles
  • Fittings: Heavy Duty
  • Target Species: Murray Cod, Barramundi

Notes: Price is for one lure only, Multiple images for illustration, choose which colour you require when ordering

Warlock Cod Hopper Lure Buyers Guide

Ideal for targeting Murray cod and barramundi both in river systems, and impoundments

When hunting the surface for Murray Cod with your new Warlock Cod Hopper Lure it is important to consider conditions. Time of day is not so important so long as it is not bright and sunny. Cod will attack surface lures in times of low light. If it is overcast and dark, anytime of the day is a good time. If the sun is out, fish the early morning, evening or dusk. If you have no choice on a sunny day and you’re desperate to cast your Warlock, cast into filtered light, such as the shadow of a riverside tree.

When it comes to colour choice it really is the choice of the individual angler, what one fisho swears by another will hate, there is not set rule however many anglers suggest that using bright colours work well for them when the water is really dirty allowing the lure to stand out and using darker colours when the water is average to clear. Darker colour lures are often favoured by some anglers in very low light conditions. End of the day we recommend purchasing, then trial a selection and testing your own theories against personal results for your local conditions.


  • The action makes an incredible ruckus on the surface making it irresistible to most species that hunt the top water.
  • Mimics the action of creatures such as cicadas, injured birds and other larger bugs or even small mammals like mice that have unwittingly found themselves stuck in the water. These creatures are an important food source for the likes of Barra and Murray Cod.
  • There is no greater fun and excitement than fishing the surface for extra-large predators such as Barra.
  • The 3X strong VMC trebles are perfect for hooking and battling extra-large predatory species. The heavy-duty fittings come into their own when wrestling monster fish from the structure.
  • A great weight for casting when fishing a little heavier and the perfect size for attracting large fish while not precluding the smaller class of fish.

The Warlock Cod Hopper Lure for sale now will be a special for the rivers, lakes. billabongs and impoundments for large Murray cod and big Barra. If you have never caught a Murray Cod from a surface lure, you haven’t lived. Grab one or purchase a selection of Warlock Cod Hopper Lures and experience the thrill of a fishing life time.


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