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Tacspo Smoking Sawdust for Smoker Box

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$11.95 - $15.95
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Tacspo Smoking Sawdust For Sale

Looking for a different way to cook your catch? How about using a method that’s easy, been around for thousands of years and adds a great flavour to your food?

Why not smoke your fish? You can use a traditional fish smoker a BBQ or even a wok it’s that easy!

Tailor, salmon, trout and mullet are just a few of the fish we love to smoke. What about mackerel? Smoking our catch is a time-honoured tradition, and for many of us, there’s no better way to preserve or consume our catch.

At the fishing tackle shop, we sell Tacspo smoking sawdust for sale that will add incredible flavours to your smoked fish. Check out our select range of Tacspo for sale and experience the taste of Australian hardwood in your fish.

Don’t forget; you can smoke your vegetables too with Tacspo Smoker sawdust for phenomenal flavour in your vegetable dishes. Also, of course, there’s your beef, pork and cheese. Smoking food is not just restricted to fish as any meat, poultry, cheeses or veggies can be smoked. So why not give it a go?

Iron Bark, Blue Gum and Box Brush. Spotted Gum, Scribbly Gum and, for something more exotic, why not try the Hickory, brilliant for smoking just about anything.

The fishing tackle shop has a vast range of essential Tacspo Smoking sawdust for sale. Whatever you smoke, your larder is well and truly understocked without a selection of Tacspo smoker sawdust in the smoking room.

Tacspo smoking sawdust is inexpensive, so why not put the full range of Tacspo in your trolley for a smoking extravaganza. Maybe you can create your own unique mix using our range of smoker sawdust.

Check out the specs and order now for prompt delivery. Getting your sawdust from the fishing tackle shop sure beats chopping your own wood.

Features and Specifications

  • Brand: Tacspo
  • Weight: Approximately 150-220 grams (depending on the flavour chosen as some weight more)
  • Suitable fish smoking sawdust but ideal also for other seafood, meats such as pork, beef, lamb and then there are cheese and vegetables

Note: Price varies depending which flavor you choose to purchase - some dusts are more expensive than others.

Types For Sale

  • Hickory Smoker Sawdust – Is our most popular flavour. Medium smokiness flavour.
  • Ironbark Smoker Sawdust – Medium Smokiness (Second best selling flavour behind hickory)
  • Blue Gum – Light Smokiness
  • Brush Box – Mild Smokiness
  • Rose gum – Mild/Sweet Smokiness
  • Spotted Gum – Light Smokiness
  • Scribbly Gum – Light / Mild Smokiness

Note: Price is for one flavour only. Choose the flavour you wish to purchase when making your order. Multiple images are for illustration only.

Benefits & Tips

  • Smoking your food adds a unique flavour to your cooking, great for parties, special occasions or when you go on fishing trips or camping.
  • To create more smoke, increase burn time and reduce the risk of burning lightly moisten the sawdust before smoking.
  • The best fish for smoking are those with an oily flesh — fish such as trout, salmon, tailor, slimy mackerel, etc.
  • It is best to brine seafood before smoking. For a heavy brine about a cup of salt per litre of water and soak the fish for a few hours. For a less salty taste reduce the time you soak the fish.
  • For an exotic flavour, mix some spices into your brine or through your sawdust.
  • Smoking times vary depending on weight and amount of produce to be smoked please also follow safe food handling guidelines when smoking food.

Nothing beats cooking what you catch, add some unique flavour to your catch add some Smoking sawdust to your cart and get the smoker box ready for when your delivery arrives.


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