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Rapala Salt Angler Pliers

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Product Description

Rapala Salt Angler Pliers For Fishing

It doesn’t matter where you fish, how you fish or what you target, no anglers fishing tackle kit is complete without a set of reliable top shelf pliers. If the only reason you need pliers is to remove hooks from the mouths of fish to be released, that is more than enough to ensure you never leave home without a set.

When we think of Rapala we immediately think of one of the greatest lure manufactures there is. Rapala is indeed so much more than the brilliant lures we have come to know, love and never be without. The Rapala Salt Angler Pliers for sale now are every bit the class of their lure range. Brilliantly designed, outstanding craftsmanship and materials ensure a tool that is definitely a class above.

The SACP11 | 11 inch Salt Angler Pliers or the SACP6 | 6.5 inch Salt Angler Pliers for sale now offer durability, dexterity and precision. We’ve come to expect the best from Rapala and this is what you are assured.

Anti-corrosion treatments will see your pliers continue to operate with the simplest of care. They are designed to do the hard yards in Australia’s toughest fishing environments, from the beach to the rocks to the game waters in the deep blue.

Features such as the soft touch anti-slip grips come into their own when your hands are covered in slime and a dexterous touch is needed.

The 11-inch long nose model will be perfect for removing hooks from toothy critters like Spaniards. It’s the ideal choice when hunting a larger class of predator. The 6.5-inch model will be your go-to utility, ideal for every fishing job, from rigging needs, quick repairs and removing hooks from your catch.

Complete your fishing tackle kit now with the best angler’s pliers on the market. Grab your Rapala Salt Angler pliers for sale now.

Features and Specifications

  • Models: SACP11 | 11 inch or model SACP6 | 6.5 inch
  • Anti-corrosion treatment designed for harsh saltwater environments
  • Soft touch anti-slip handles
  • Brand: Rapala
  • Series: Salt Angler

Note: Multiple Images for illustration only. Price is for 1 plier model only and price will vary depending on which option you choose from our order menu.


  • Powerful grip ensures you have all the power you need to remove even the toughest of hooks with your Rapala Salt Angler Pliers.
  • The 11-inch, long nose version will be perfect for removing hooks that are imbedded well down the throat of toothy critters.
  • The 6-inch version will be the ideal hip mounted utility.
  • Anti-Slip, soft feel grips provide the perfect ergonomic and secure hold.
  • The anti-corrosion treatment ensures your pliers will endure the tough salt environment for many adventures.

Rapala Salt Angler pliers are tools of the highest pedigree, designed specifically for fishing the salt water. Grab one now, complete your kit, and be ready for anything the tough Aussie fishing environment can throw at you.

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