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Zman Chatterbait Lure

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Product Description

Zman Chatterbait Lure - 3/8oz Size

The Chatterbait nigh on defies description. Most would take a glancing look at the Zman Chatterbait and call it a spinnerbait without a second thought. They would be kind of wrong though, sort of…maybe. The Chatterbait, for the uninitiated, is a combination of a crankbait, jig and spinnerbait. Odd, yes but deadly effective in the fresh. Fish love the Chatterbait so much Zman suggest we should not shackle it just to the realms of the fresh water but tackle fish like Flatties and others in the salt water as well.

The hex-blade works as a weed/snag shield. It allows you to get into the most diabolical places that would catch up a normal lure in no time flat. Fish live, hunt bread and generally do everything in heavy cover, so the Chatterbait allows you to penetrate the inner sanctum of the fish and target him in his living room, with a little less fear of giving away a lure to the logs. You can retrieve it at just about any speed, slow it up or crank it hard. Even at high speed you won’t see it blow out. The sound is fantastic and the vibration will wake the sleepiest fish, the flash will be seen for meters around and the Elaztech skirt will laugh at the sharpest teeth, survive several desperate battles and be ready to deploy again and again.

The Elaztech construction is a big deal for the frugal angler. The ability to survive teeth and snag through a number of desperate battles makes it excellent value for money. Take your bag limit and use it again tomorrow. The Zman Chatterbait lure is a fabulous fishing lure that will catch you plenty of fish across a number of applications. Stock one in your lure box, they are affordable so why not?

Features and Specifications

  • Big action, big noise, great vibration & flash
  • Hex shape blade which helps reduce snagging
  • Deadly on Cod, Large Bass, Barramundi, Saratoga and salt water species such as Flathead
  • 10X Tough Elaztech trailer included
  • 3/8oz size


  • You can cast it deep into the snags and more than likely still retrieve your lure, hopefully with a fish attached, since it is a little more snag resistant compared to lures such as hard body lures.
  • It may look like best left of the shelf but beauty is in the eye of the beholder. It may look ugly but your average inshore species seem to think it is the most beautiful thing they have ever seen. Just search the internet and you will find a buzz of information on how anglers think chatterbaits are the bomb of a lure to use. They work!
  • The Elaztech construction allows you to use the same lure fish after fish since it it is designed to be durable and last longer. Fill your live tanks one day, then use the same lure the next and do it all again.

Your Zman Chatterbait lure will be incredibly successful across a diverse array of applications. Use it as a go-to lure, a secret weapon or the Alamo. Whichever way or reason you choose to deploy it, it will catch you outstanding fish more often.

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