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Weed Fly - EJ Todd Saltwater Flies

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Product Description

EJ Todd Green weed fly for luderick

Don’t tell your grandfather you’re heading off to fish for Luderick with a green weed fly. He’s only just getting his head around the miracle of catching his staple of Whiting and Bream with plastic. He might not be stable enough to digest the revelation that your about to throw lures at Luderick. Don’t worry, he’s been around for a while and he’s getting used to the modern trends in angling. We have to admit, when we heard about targeting Luderick with fake weed there was more than one double take. Is nothing sacred anymore?

The EJ Todd Green weed fly for luderick has hit the market and Luderick anglers are discovering that this little fly is a Luderick magnet. Despite the doubts a ‘lure’ might work for Luderick it only stands to reason that it would. A Luderick is a fish, fish attack lures, so it seems we might be crediting the Luderick with a few too many smarts to assume it can’t be fooled like all of its cousins. Hit your standard rocky locations. Use the wash and make sure you berley as usual. Hitting your favourite Luderick spots would be the best bet as it removes a variable, you can try it somewhere new later.

Of course you can head off and starting casting with your standard rig but remember, Luderick live in the shallows and are a genuine option for a traditional fly fishing attack. Considering most Luderick are targeted on from rocks and break walls traditional fly fishing can present any number of challenges. There are a small niche of anglers that have however taken to it like a duck to water and are having astonishing results with the EJ Todd Green weed fly for luderick. Hooking into a nice sized Luderick on fly gear in the middle of a howling wind while perched precariously on rocks is, for many, an awesome challenge that has to be experienced to be believed.

Whatever method or rig you choose, the EJ Todd Green weed fly for luderick is a proven weapon. Grab yourself a couple and hit the rocks, break walls and estuaries where the wild weed wanders, and peg a fly at this most famous of fish. They’re for sale now and attracting plenty of interest.

Features and Specifications

  • Quality hooks and components
  • Mimics green weed perfectly
  • Ideal for fly fishing or standard Luderick rigs
  • Suitable for use in all Luderick haunts

Note: Image For illustration only – price is per 1 fly. Choose colour preference when ordering


  • No more fiddly baiting and re-baiting.
  • You can now target Luderick with lures.
  • Keeps more weed in the environment where it’s needed most.

We now it sound crazy but EJ Todd Green weed fly for luderick is causing a storm around the Luderick traps. It’s time to contemporise your Luderick kit and purchase a few EJ Todd Green weed fly for luderick and fish up a storm.

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