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Wasabi Fishing Line

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Product Description

Wasabi Fishing Line value for money line 1/4lb spools

Wasabi fishing line may be great value for money but we can’t recommend you put it on your sashimi. However, if you’re spooled with Wasabi line (a sub brand of Black Magic Tackle), you may well be on your way to guaranteeing a great catch of the core ingredient. If you haven’t already guessed, Wasabi Fishing line is manufactured by the Japanese. Japanese and angling is a marriage made in precision. These guys know more than a thing or two about outstanding tackle and Wasabi mono is another example of their angling ingenuity and innovation.

Whatever your angling application Wasabi fishing line has you covered. There is enough sensitivity to satisfy the more demanding lure angler while at the same time providing the sort of abrasion resistance you need for bottom bouncing adjacent a reef or floating Cunjevoi from the ocean rocks in a quest for big Drummer (Depending on what line strain you choose to purchase of course). Consistency is the key as is the predictability. Right through the range you have low diameter, super strength mono, where knots will take nothing away from the specified breaking strain. Wasabi fishing line is for sale now and represents great value for the thrifty angler.


Features and Specifications

Breaking Strain (LB)Yards Per/SpoolLine DIA (mm)
6lb 2,089 Yards 0.25 mm
8lb 1,662 Yards 0.28 mm
12 lb 1,066 Yards 0.35 mm
15 lb 815 Yards 0.40 mm
20 lb 645 Yards 0.45 mm
25 lb 519 Yards 0.50 mm
30 lb 432 Yards 0.55 mm
40 lb 361 Yards 0.60 mm
50 lb 268 Yards 0.70 mm
60 lb 202 Yards 0.80 mm


  • Extruded from Japanese polyamides to the specifications of Black Magic and Wasabi tackle
  • High resistance to abrasion
  • Excellent knot strength
  • ¼ lb size spool
  • Colour: Blue

Note: Price is for 1 spool only. Choose which size you require when ordering.


  • Excellent knot strength means you can rely on joins based on the specified breaking strain.
  • The Japanese are famous for their monofilament manufacturing innovation.
  • The high abrasion resistance will attempt to keep you connected as teeth and reef try their best to defeat you.
  • Bulk spools are great for anglers looking to fill their full arsenal of reels to achieve consistency.

From Lures to livies Wasabi fishing line will provide outstanding performance in the toughest of conditions. The quality is consistent whether you are using 60 pound to pull anvils from the bottom or 6 pound to coax a Bream from the racks.

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