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Undersea Zap 1000 Spear Gun

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Product Description

Undersee ZAP Spear Gun 1000 Size For Sale

Undersee has been building outstanding spearguns in Australia since shortly after World War Two. The brand is supplied as part of Land and Sea’s water sports group, which certainly bodes well for quality. The ZAP 1000 is the middle speargun of the three in the range and is great for recreational spearfishing.

Where the ZAP 750 is just two feet and six inches in length, the ZAP 1000 is a foot longer at three feet and six inches. This increased size makes the speargun ideally suited as more of a general purpose spear fishing gun.

You don’t need to be highly experienced to use the ZAP 1000, as the gun comes with a single-flopper harpoon point. When compared to the more advanced sliptips, these are easier to deal with when you catch your fish and wont deploy as much damage to smaller fish so this makes the 1000 best suited to catching smaller fish such as bream, blackfish etc, but by all means you can still target larger fish.

The overall standard of the Undersee speargun is underpinned by the use of quality materials, including the trigger mechanism, fluoro colour butt, and stainless steel shaft. A black and neon yellow design has been chosen to make the gun easily found when submerged.

Features and Specifications

  • 3 feet and 6 inches in length
  • 5/16-inch diameter shaft
  • Black body increases visibility
  • Fluoro colour butt and tip
  • Single-flopper harpoon point
  • Stainless steel shaft
  • Quality trigger mechanism with safety switch


  • A great general purpose sized speargun.
  • Catch smaller fish and reload with ease, due to the single-flopper harpoon point that comes with the gun.
  • Fluoro colour butt, quality trigger mechanism, and stainless steel shaft combine to form a robust speargun that will last.
  • Due to the use of stainless steel, forget about saltwater erosion being an issue.
  • Finding the gun in water is simple because of the black and neon yellow colour scheme.

You get superb performance, longevity, and value for money when you invest in the Undersee ZAP 1000. Order your recreational speargun today and enjoy the sport of spearfishing.



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