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TT Vortex Spinner Bait Lure 3/4oz

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Product Description

TT Vortex Spinnerbait 3/4oz – Perfect for targeting Murray Cod, Barramundi, Saratoga and more

There is but a handful of really big fish that inhabit our fresh water rivers, creeks, billabongs and impoundments. Usually these locations take quite some effort for most of us to get to, so when you do arrive, you want to be assured of a good catch. You’ll be hunting bi examples of Barra, Sootie Grunter, Murray Cod or Saratoga. The best way to ensure your chances of hauling in a trophy fish in any of these species is to make sure your kit comprises of a selection of ¾ ounce TT Vortex Spinnerbaits They’ll be deadly, and quickly become your best friend.

The TT Vortex Spinnerbaits are beautifully crafted. The silicone skirt come in a fabulous variety of fish attracting colours and they swim beautifully next to the plated blade. The ball bearing swivel keeps your line completely free of twist as your lure dart and weaves around the structure. It’s designed to tackle the most rugged of conditions. Laughing at weed beds and snags that would claim most other lures, you can get right in amongst the lure thieves where the fish are holding.

While you might be targeting bigger species, expect Big Aussie Bass and Yellow Belly to take an instant like to your ¾ once. You can cast or troll, fish deeper or get right up near the surface. Working your Vortex can be as simple as cast and wind using a medium or slow speed for deeper running. For sale now and the pick of the spinner bait crop.

Features and Specifications

  • Type: small-framed spinnerbaits
  • Weight: ¾ ounce size, perfect for barra, sootie grunter, murray cod, saratoga etc.
  • Mustad Ultrapoint chemically sharpened hook
  • Ball bearing swivel
  • Plated Blade for extra fish attraction
  • Ideal for M=multiple retrieve options
  • Silicone skirts

Note: images are for reference only. Listing is for 1 spinner bait lure. Simply select the colour of your preference when you order from our order menu.


  • This guy will pull the monsters from the fresh. The ¾ ounce allows you fish a little heavier but still maintain excellent casting and lure action.
  • Fishing the freshwater can be an absolute mess of snags, weed, trees and logs. Of course, this is where the fish are hanging and this is where your vortex spinnerbait will allow you to enter without the fear of snagging up as often.
  • Excellent quality components such as the ball bearing swivel and Mustad chemically sharpened hooks which will handle the pressure when the big fish get stubborn.
  • The Silicon skirts and plated blade work perfectly in concert to create an action all fish find irresistible including such species as Barramundi, Murray Cod, Saratoga and more.

If you want to be assured of success on the freshwater against larger predators it would be wise to purchase a selection of TT Vortex 3/4oz Spinnerbaits. Feedback has demonstrated that where other spinners get nothing, the Vortex does wonders and this is one of the many reasons why we don’t stock a lot of spinner baits and choose to Stock TT as one of our top preferences.

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