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Scaler Net bag - Jarvis Walker

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Product Description

Scaler Bag Fishing Net Bag

It is highly unlikely that there are any anglers that actually enjoy scaling fish. Those that say they do may actually be getting confused with what they are feeling about returning to the shore and showing off their catch at the cleaning tables. After a good day out in the boat, one could return to the ramp having bagged out on Whiting and Bream. The task ahead is messy and mammoth. What if its bone numbingly cold? Or searing heat? You’re tired after a long day on the water and packing up the boat and now you have to scale fish, lots of them. Of course, you will end up with scales in your hair, all over your clothes, up your nose and places where you can’t imagine how a scale may have worked its way in. At best it’s messy, at worst your grip slips on the slimy fish and you cut your hand with your scaler. All in all, there little to look forward too when you have and huge catch that demands cleaning.

Jarvis Walker has the answer, as they often do. Read on and you will see why the Scaler Bag is a gem of an item, a near necessity for the boat angler. Firstly, the scaler bag acts as the standard keeper net. Put your catch in the bag, close the draw string, tie the lanyard to the boat and toss the fish laden bag into the water to keep your catch fresh. We don’t all have the luxury of live fish wells on our boats. Secondly, and most importantly, is that this very bag will scale your fish for you. When the anchor is up and your heading back to the ramp, put the fish laden Scaler Bag in the wake of your boat for a few minutes as you motor along. On retrieving the bag you will be very happy to see your fish are scaled and slime free. Now how easy is that?

Features and Specifications

  • Draw string
  • Made from durable, top quality materials
  • A Jarvis Walker creation
  • Perfect for small and medium fish


  • All your fish are scaled without you having to touch a scaler or hang on to a fish.
  • Scaling fish is fast, easy and automatic
  • You’ll spend far less time at the cleaning tables.
  • Reduces exposure to knives and scalers that often cause cuts when scaling fish.

Putting a Jarvis Walker Scaling Bag into your boat is just about a no brainer. What Angler would willingly scale a fish when there was a perfectly good alternative? The Scaler bag fishing ne is priced to be affordable and a perfect gift for the boat angler in your family.

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