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Pro Cure Scents

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Product Description

Pro cure Scents - Fish Scent Attractant

Ok. You don’t use fish scent attractant because you think the action of your lure is good enough. You also feel that it’s another process to go through that delays your cast. It can be fiddly and messy. We’ll agree to a point, there are quite a number of fishing lures on the market whose actions are completely devastating in their own right without the added process of applying a liquid scent. It could be argued however that this way of thinking is kind of limited. Let’s look at the power of fishing scent for just a moment.

Think of how the power of scent works on you. Think of driving past a fish and chip shop or other well-known fast food outlets, think of how you feel when you walk into the kitchen and the smells of a Sunday roast are filling the air. It makes you ravenous, it makes you want to eat and it makes you want to eat immediately. Smell doesn’t stop there however. The olfactory sense is the sense that most evokes memories of the past. A smell can take you back to the earliest parts of you childhood in a memory so strong you feel like you are back in time smelling the moment all those years ago. Now think of that, and then think of the fact that our power of smell is nothing compared to that of a fish.

Why would you not add such a critical element to your lure! The smart money is on the scent. Most anglers in the know add fishing attractant to their lures, as should you. Pro Cure Scents offers an excellent range of scent options that allows you to hone your rig and scent up specifically for the target you are pursuing. It’s made from real bait, is UV enhanced, comes in mess free bottles and most importantly, will catch you fish when others are getting nothing. Get a bottle or so now.

Features and Specifications

  • Pro Cure Scents: Choose from either Mullet, bloody tuna, shrimp, blue crab, inshore saltwater or squid when ordering. Price is for 1 bottle only.
  • Available in 2oz size squeeze bottles
  • UV enhanced
  • Long lasting
  • Low mess formula
  • Contains real bait ingredients


  • Use Pro cure Fish Scent Attractant and you will catch more fish.
  • Could see you catching fish when the angler next to you is getting nothing.
  • Easy to use with a low mess formula.
  • Long lasting gel that sticks perfectly to lures and baits of all materials.

It’s really a no-brainer. Don’t go fishing without a tube of Pro cure Scent Attractant. With Pro cure scents you can turn a bite-less session into a live tank full of trophies. Get one or a selection of flavours now and never leave home without it.

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