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Mirage Rayzor Persuit 750 Spear Gun

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Product Description

Mirage Rayzor Pursuit 750 Speargun

From its compact length of 750mm (two feet and six inches), the Mirage Rayzor Pursuit 750 packs in a huge amount of features. You get so much performance for your money with this speargun. This is an outstanding spear gun for beginners to use in recreational situations.

Starting with durability, the Pursuit 750 is going stand up to the threat of saltwater corrosion. Mirage has ensured that the gun will be protected from damage by utilizing aerospace-grade anodised aluminium and stainless steel components.

Performance is the name of the game with the Pursuit 750. Whether it’s the tri-cut point, 7mm spring-loaded steel shaft, Dyneema cord bridle, or 400lb monofilament line, pretty much every feature contributes to reduce drag and maximize the speed of this speargun.

Add a second booster loop when you need to increase the power of your shots. The shafts of the spears are double-notched to accommodate a second rubber booster loop. A bungee shock-cord will increase the durability of the monofilament to let you use the second booster loop regularly.

The single-topper harpoon tip will minimize drag when it is fired through the water. A further benefit is that single-topper can be reloaded very quickly as opposed to other more advanced tips. Single-toppers are most popular for catching smaller fish.

Features and Specifications

  • 2 feet and six inches in length
  • 16mm colour-coded booster loops for easy reorder
  • 7mm spring-loaded steel shaft
  • Aerospace-grade anodised aluminium construction
  • Automatic line release
  • Double-notched shafts for adding second booster loop to each shot
  • Durable stainless steel fittings in handle for durability
  • Dyneema cord bridle prevents shaft abrasion
  • Extra tabs on side of barrel allow for line extension
  • Line-float clip and heavy-duty shackle attached to base of handle
  • Monofilament line with 400lb breaking strain
  • Monofilament connected shaft’s base to minimize drag
  • Monofilament durability boosted by bungee shock-cord
  • Single-flopper harpoon tip reduces drag
  • Top-mounted safety switch for rapid access
  • Tri-cut point increases velocity
  • Suitable for short distance shots and caving


  • Relax in the knowledge that the aerospace-grade anodised aluminium and stainless steel materials will resist saltwater corrosion.
  • Performance is significantly boosted by the Dyneema cord bridle, tri-cut point, and 7mm spring-loaded steel shaft.
  • Even more power can be added to every shot of the Pursuit 750 by using the second booster loop in the double-notched shaft of the single-flopper harpoon.
  • The monofilament line has a breaking strain of 400lbs, is protected by a bungee shock-cord, and is attached to the base of the shaft to minimize drag.
  • A safety switch has been mounted to the top of the speargun for rapid access to prevent accidents.

Experience the performance of the first model in the Mirage Rayzor Pursuit range. The compact 750 is a high-performance speargun brimming with features. Order yours today and experience the thrilling ride of spearfishing.

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