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Jarvis Walker Hard Body Lure Kit (10 lures in water resistant box)

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Product Description

Jarvis Walker Hard Body Lure kit (10 lures)

Jarvis is Walker is always thinking and, always providing more for their loyal anglers. The Jarvis Walker Hardbody Lure kit is just another example of delivering performance fishing kit in a convenient package. We don’t need to be reminded that hard body lures are often expensive. This is compounded by the necessity for anglers to keep a selection in their tackle boxes. Fish can be fastidious targets. Lure colour alone can be enough to turn fish off the bite or, turn them in to ravenous feeders. That’s just colour. We are yet to consider the different actions, different depths, profiles, actions and general Lure types, that have a huge bearing on what we catch, how much we catch or whether indeed we catch anything at all.

Standing in a tackle shop, staring at phenomenal range of lures, and that’s just hard body lure, is often, nothing short of overwhelming. Jarvis Walker have put together a fantastic kit of hard body lures that will take out a whole bunch of sorting, selecting and guess work. How would you like a pack of 10 different hard body lures that will cover Bream, Flathead, Trout, Redfin, Perch, Cod, Trevally and more? And, if different settings. The Jarvis Walker Hard Body Lure Pack does exactly this. The kit is perfect for the Salt and Fresh water environments but totally perfect for the angler that frequents both. The lures come packaged in a snap locking, spaced container. It’s perfect for keeping the lures separated, easy to access and free from tangle. This is an excellent way to stock up on your lures in a one stop purchase. You save because you buy in bulk, and you are taking out the deliberation process. Jarvis Walker have taken care of that for you.

Features and Specifications

  • 2 x Freshwater Minnows (60mm)
  • 2 x Estuary/Bream Lures (55mm)
  • 2 x Saltwater Minnows (110mm)
  • 2 x Vibe Shads
  • 2 x Estuary/Bass lures
  • All lures are pre-rigged
  • Comes in a convenient and multi-purpose clip-sealed lure box
  • Lures suit fresh and salt water application
  • Useful on a huge range of fish species


  • You save by purchasing in bulk.
  • Removes the lure selection and deliberation process.
  • Re-stocks your lure selection in one fell swoop - Easy.
  • Each lures inclusion is carefully considered to create a well-balanced pack.
  • All the lures are proven fish magnets.

The Jarvis Walker Hard body Lure Pack contains 10 excellent lures. The packaging is ideal for slipping in just about any fishing bag. Hit the snags and structures in all your favourite river and estuary haunts and bag out using any and all the lures from the Jarvis walker Hard Body Lure pack. Set yourself a challenge to take at least on fish on every lure. Get yours now.



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