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Jarvis Walker Lure Packs Hardbody Models – Cheap Fishing Lures (Pack of 5)

As you sick and tired of losing expensive lures to snags?  Are you just getting into lure fishing and feel a bit taken back by the price of some of the upmarket hard body lures for sale? Then check out our range of Jarvis Walker lure packs for sale which represent amazing value for money. In fact, you get five fishing lures. All you need to do is pick which pack style you require, as we do have a couple of models to choose from.

Just so you’re not guessing which pack you should purchase, look at the handy buyers guide we have written below to assist you making your decision.

Features and Specifications

  • Jarvis Walker Hard body – Plastic Lures
  • Packet of 5 lures (price is for 1 pack only choose which pack you require when ordering)
  • Mix of colours – please note colours in kits may vary from images published
  • Ideal for freshwater and saltwater fishing
  • Perfect for anglers of all levels

Buyers Guide

Jarvis Walker Bream Lure Pack

If you are after basic bream lure kit that offers incredible value then the Jarvis Walker Bream Lure Pack containing 5 hard body diving lures for bream are a pack you should pay attention to. The lures supplied in the bream kit are 55mm in size and make effective lures for lakes and rivers. These lures are ideal for fishing over sand flats, weed beds, snags, around boats in harbours and any other environment where bream are likely to reside.

Whilst this kit is specifically marketed for targeting bream the size and colour range of lures supplied means they will work equally as effective at targeting other light class fish species as well such as trout, redfin and other perch species. If you fish the shallow sand flats you may even be lucky enough to hook a flathead with these lures too.

Jarvis Walker Bass Lure Pack

Ideally suited to anglers that wish to target Australian bass. Where this pack of 5 lures is of benefit is when you decide to go fishing in snaggy structure where bass lay in wait. They’re affordable after all so be prepared to lose a few lures when trying to target this Australian native icon.

Jarvis Walker Bass Lures are 55mm in size and are of a fatter profile offering an impressive wobble intended to mimic natural baits upon your retrieve of the lure.

Like the bream kit these lures will not only just catch bass, they make a great cheap lure for targeting Yellowbelly perch, trout, Redfin perch, bream, flathead and a host of other fish in both fresh and saltwater situations. These lures are ideal for fishing in lakes, rivers, dams and creeks.

Jarvis Walker Minnow Lure Pack

With this handy pack of 5 hard body minnow lures measuring 80mm expect to target a range of inshore saltwater and freshwater fish. A versatile floating minnow profile lure that is ideal for fish species which include, bream, Australian bass, tailor, salmon, flathead, perch, mangrove jack and an array of other inshore fish species. The Jarvis walker minnow lures work best with an erratic action on the retrieve to mimic a fleeing baitfish. A Jarvis walker minnow lure is best worked in lakes, rivers and dams.

Jarvis Walker Popper Lure Pack

Just for something different to the range of diving lures above we also have a surface lure pack for sale. This pack features 5 popper lures that measure 65mm in length and are best suited to inshore fishing within lake, dam and estuary systems. Fish you are likely to encounter on surface are Australian bass, tailor and bream. Popper lures are retrieved across the water’s surface and imitate a fleeing baitfish, because they often let off spray as well depending on how quick you retrieve the lure this can also imitate a school of tiny fleeing bait fish breaking the water’s surface.

Benefits and Summary

  • Jarvis walker lure packs offer impressive value for money being in a handy pack of 5 lures
  • Because they are so affordable it doesn’t hurt as much when you lose a couple compared to losing a top range lure. Therefore, they are great to have in your lure kit when fishing snaggy territory.
  • Ideal for anglers of all levels. Perfect for beginners, and ideal for advanced anglers looking to have some cheap lures in their kit for fishing those snaggy areas.

So, all in all Jarvis Walker lure packs are cheap and offer amazing value for money. All that’s left is for you to now pick which pack you wish to purchase.


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