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Jarvis Walker Fishing Rod Stand Rack

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Product Description

Jarvis Walker Fishing Rod Stands For Sale – Rod Rack for up to 16 Fishing Rods

Once upon a time most anglers probably had one or two fishing rods. We kept them in the rafters in the shed out of the way. The modern angler is a different kettle of fish all together, with the great majority of us taking advantage of the huge range of application specific saltwater or freshwater fishing rods available, and in so doing, collecting a formidable arsenal. With a half dozen or more rods in the kit, appropriate fishing rod storage needs to be considered.

There are a couple of reasons for getting appropriate rod storage. The first, and most important, is that they need to be stored appropriately to avoid damage. Secondly, what better way to display your pride and joy than giving them pride of place in a purpose-built fishing rod stand.

Check out these Jarvis Walker Fishing Rod Stands. There are two different styles to choose from, the fish themed rod rack and a timber rod rack. Both stands come complete in a flat pack for easy assembly. They are a both of sturdy construction yet slim and light weight enough to allow for flexibility in placement. 

The best thing however is that each fishing rod rack will hold up to 16 rods. Now that’s capacity. Stylish construction will suit the angler that would like to place their fishing rods in a prominent location. The racks are not just a utility but more a brag rack, so you can show off the full kit to your envious fishing buddies.

Place it in a cupboard, in the shed or in the living room for all to see. Store it in the shed or display place it pride of place in the pool room. Whatever style you choose, fish theme or timber classic, order your flat pack Jarvis Walker Fishing Rod Stand for sale now, complete and ready to assemble. Put one in your shopping basket now.

Features and Specifications

  • Choose either Fish Themed Plastic Rack or Timber Fishing Rod Rack
  • Both models hold up to 16 rods
  • Narrow but sturdy construction
  • Great style for prominent display
  • Delivered in flat pack form with all required components, ready for easy assembly

Note: Price is for 1 fishing rod rack only and varies depending on which model you choose to purchase


  • A Fishing Rod Rack keeps your rods out of the way, safer against mishaps.
  • A great way to display your rods for all to see.
  • Huge 16 rod capacity, ideal for the extensive array or rods.
  • Perfect for prominent display or secreting away

Sorting your kit with a Jarvis Walker Fishing Rod Stand makes good sense. Call it a brag rack, call it rod storage. Your rods will be safe, look brilliant on display and be ready to grab in a moment to head out and hit the water. Purchase a Fishing Rod Stand from us today.

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