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Hurricane Kaplunk Fishing Lure

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Product Description

Hurricane Kaplunk Fishing Lure For Bream, Bass, Flathead etc

The Kaplunk 50 is the sort of utility lure that is a must for every tackle box. Its primary drive is versatility. If you were heading off to fish with an open target list anywhere in the insure grounds; if you are travelling with a minimal kit and lure arsenal, the Hurricane Kaplunk Fishing Lure is the one Lure you would have at the top of the list.

The Kaplunk 50 is super easy to work. In fact, while the pro’s find it invaluable at a tournament level, it is also the perfect lure for those learning to work hard bodies effectively.  It can be twitched, worked like a blade, used with a slow roll, pause, retrieve (a special), or grubbed. It can be worked at depths from 1 to 6 plus meters and at 6.3 grams, they are well placed for a longer cast. When swimming, the action is irresistible. Now that’s versatility.

At 50 mm in length you are set for a wide range of fish. It’s by no means too big for the aggressive and territorial Bass, it will attract tournament winning Bream, and Flathead will swallow them whole. They will also work brilliantly on Perch, Salmon, Tailor and Mangrove Jack are sure to have a go, as well as a host of others.

With careful hook selection, you can cast right into the structure and work the snags with confidence. The Hurricane Kaplunk Fishing Lure for sale now is a fish catching machine. Don’t be caught out without one or if you can afford it a selection in your kit.

Features and Specifications

  • Length: 50mm
  • Weight: 6.3grams
  • Diving Depth:  1 to 6 meters
  • Retrieves: Can be Twitched, slow rolled, grubbed and more
  • Ideal for Flathead, Bream, Australian Bass and a whole lot more. Especially suited to lakes and river fishing.

Note: Model Name is Hurricane Kaplunk 50 (No, you don’t get 50 lures – our displayed price is for one lure only) choose which colour you wish to purchase when ordering.


  • Versatility. Can be worked in many ways at a wide range of depths.
  • The weight is perfect for achieving long and accurate casts.
  • Perfect for working gnarly structure where predator fish lay in waiting.
  • Hurricane top shelf construction materials ensures your Kaplunk sees out many battles

The Hurricane Kaplunk Fishing Lure is a go-to utility for a whole bunch of inshore applications. A special for the tournament pro, it is also an ideal beginners lure for those new to casting hard bodies. Brilliant for enthusiastic kids. No tackle box should be without at least a couple of colours.  

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