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Ecogear Egi Squid Scent Spray

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Product Description

Ecogear Egi Squid Scent (Egi Max or Glow Max) Spray

Often as kids we would receive a fishing kit for a birthday or Christmas. Nearly always, there was a squid jig or two in the kit which we probably would never use. On occasion, we would catch a squid when fishing for something else, inquisitive and excited we would end up covered in ink, drop the hapless Cephalopod, and it would escape. Then, sometime later, we would discover that that very same squid, was the source of the delicious Calamari we would often have with our fish and chips.

Decades later and Squid fishing has become a specialised pursuit, and the kit that goes with it has progressed well beyond the colourful and seemingly ubiquitous squid jig. Complete fishing setups are available from Egi rods to special scents we can load up on our jigs to enhance our catch.

Ecogear Egi Squid Scent is a product that you spray on to your jigs for the specific purpose of exciting the smell sense of Squid. Chemically formulated to entice Squid, catch rates are increased by up to 50% as the smell, and indeed taste, have proven to be irresistible to squid.

The are 2 kinds available, EGIMAX and GLOWMAX. Both coming in 80ml spray bottles, the EGIMAX is scent plus a powder that reacts to UV rays making it more prominent in the daytime. GLOWMAX contains the scent plus a luminescent that makes it glow in the dark, making it ideal for night time fishing, a classic time to fish for Squid. Give it a blast with a flashlight and your jig will now glow, emitting light in the spectrum particularly visible to Squid.

Squid can now see the jig, smell the jig and also taste the jig, ensuring they hang on even tighter to ensure it does not get away. If you wish to catch more Squid, either for bait or as table fare, grab both EGIMAX and GLOWMAX and marvel at the results.

Features and Specifications

  • Available in 80ml tins
  • Formulated specifically for squid
  • GLOWMAX for night time and fishing at depth
  • EGIMAX for fishing the day time

Note: Price is for 1 only – choose which model of egi scent you require when ordering.

International shipping notice: unfortunately this item is only available for delivery within Australia due to aerosol restrictions.


  • Increase your Squid catch by up to 50%.
  • Powder based chemicals will not damage your squid jig like natural fish attractants will, such as tuna oil or pilchards.
  • Super easy to apply.
  • A little goes a long way, making it very economical.
  • Small tin fits easily into your pocket, tackle box or bag.

Join the Squid craze and use Egi Squid Scent by Ecogear and fill the bucket with delicious squid. Fresh squid is an awesome feed and a brilliant bait but most importantly, fishing for squid is a huge amount of fun. Make the most of your next squid adventure with EGIMAX or GLOWMAX for sale now.

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