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Companion LED Sensor Headlamp

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Product Description

Companion LED Headlamp with sensor operation (wave your hand in front and it turns on or off) Ideal for fishing, camping, hiking, hunting and more.

Once upon a time the only place you would find a headlamp is on a miner heading deep underground. These days they are everywhere and now considered more or less essential kit for campers. Anglers who fish the evenings are also never caught without a headlamp. Illuminating the dark night’s hands free has made night fishing so much easier. With such a huge selection of headlamps on the market, how do you choose?

The Companion LED Headlamp with sensor operation is an awesome headlamp. The illumination is outstanding, they are lightweight and so secure and comfortable on your head, which is great for long spells in the dark where lots of activity is expected. The battery life is excellent. With  upto 10 hours at full illumination you have pretty well covered sun down to sun up. Use the White LED lights alone and you get up to 50 hours of light in the dark. Handy features such as the sensor operation, which allows you to switch on and off with the wave of your hand, also put the Companion Headlamp high up the pecking order. There is a red LED safety light allowing you to be seen in the dark when your main light is off and a SOS flash for emergencies.

Headlamps don’t really get any better than the Companion LED Headlamp with sensor operation. Hikers, campers and anglers will love it. Keep in mind, whenever you want to light up the night, doing it hands free is always the best, so they’re an ideal utility to have around the home or in the car and boat. They’re a fantastic gift idea but ultimately should be thought of as an essential tool for navigating the nights. Put one in your basket now.

Features and Specifications

♦   Power: 3 x AAA Batteries (included)

♦   Size: 41L x 60W x 35Hmm

♦   Weight: approx 120 grams

♦   Bulb: 1 x XP-C (Q2) CREE white LED, 1 x red status LED & 3 x white LED

♦   Burn time: up to 10 hours on standard white LED setting or up to 128 hours on the red warning light setting.

♦   Simply wave hand in front of light and it will turn it on. Fantastic for fishing and tying knots etc and to turn off simply wave in front and it will turn off. Fantastic!

♦   IR Sensormatic for hands free operation to turn light on and off

♦   Up to 94 Lumens output from the Ultra bright XP-C (Q2) CREE white LED

♦   Manual or IR Sensormatic operation

♦   Red LED shows stand by status of IR operation

♦   Two Nichia white LEDs provide additional light and also sport an SOS signal function

♦   Rear battery pack sports a red warning light that also has a flashing function

♦   Light can be set to different illumination angles


♦   The headlamp is jam packed with clever features making it ideal for many purposes including camping, fishing, hiking, hunting, fixing cars and so much more.

♦   Sensor operation allows for super quick switching. No fumbling for tricky switches

♦   Super light weight construction for comfort when worn for extended periods

♦   Ultra bright illumination options for tricky operations in the dark like tying knots in fishing line and traversing difficult terrain.

♦   The red LED warning light ensures you can be seen in the dark when your light is off. A handy feature for keeping a group together in the dark.

There are so many head lamps on the market. The Companion LED Headlamp with sensor operation wins hands down for in the features for cost comparison. They’re affordable enough to kit out the whole family.

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