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AFN (Estuary Flathead) Tactics DVD

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Product Description

AFN (Estuary Flathead) Tactics DVD

Here are a few very valuable tips for landing extra-large flathead…like, crocodile size lizards. Always have a net with you, use heavy leader, throw big lures at them, and buy yourself a copy of the AFN Estuary Flathead Tactics DVD. Let’s go hunting flathead in the estuaries with fishing journo, Andrew McGovern and his mate, fishing charter operator Stuart Hindson. Between these pair of intrepid Lizard tacticians there is an ocean of Flathead knowledge carved out of years exploring the estuaries for a fish that has a face only a mother could love. In terms of fishing fame, and often infamy, only the Barra stands ahead of the Flathead as Australia’s most recognisable fish. Even the sons of cockies that have never seen beyond the fences of their million hectare cattle station know what a flathead is. He’s not one for the catwalk, that’s for sure, but beauty truly is in the eye of the beholder and there are countless anglers that will tell you the Lizard is indeed a very beautiful fish.

Whether you fish from land, your boat or your kayak, the AFN Estuary Flathead Tactics DVD has an awesome amount of hits, tips and tactics that will see your flathead and estuary knowledge jump ahead in leaps and bounds. The flathead can be a wily customer. If there is any species that gets off the line seconds before landing, it’s the flathead. You want to know how to avoid this? You better get yourself a copy of the AFN Estuary Flathead Tactics DVD. You’ll look at locations, habitats, hard body lures, soft plastics, blades and more. Some popular myths will be dispelled and you’ll find out you’ve been using some techniques that haven’t necessarily given you the best chance of bagging out on monster lizards. This DVD is for all those anglers that love catching our most famous recreational species.

Features and Specifications

  • Join Andrew McGovern for 60 minutes of the best insights to tackling one of Australia’s most loved species.
  • Andrew and Stuart cover estuary tactics, soft plastics, blades and hard body lures in an instructional Flathead adventure set against some beautiful estuary scenery.


  • Not only will you spend an entertaining hour watching the boys catch Flathead, you will become fully armed with the latest tips and tricks so you can land them yourself.
  • For those that watch the AFN Estuary Flathead Tactics DVD and pay attention to the masters, there is a whole new world of estuary flathead success awaiting you.

Flathead really are the peoples’ fish. Grab yourself a copy of AFN Estuary Flathead Tactics DVD and learn all there is to know about taking them in an estuary environment. It matters not whether you’re a newbie or an expert, there is something in this entertaining instructional DVD for everyone. This is a must have for your library of instructional fishing DVD’s. Get the AFN Estuary Flathead Tactics DVD and load up on lizards now.

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