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AFN Estuary Bream'n Tactics DVD

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Product Description

AFN Estuary Bream’n Tactics DVD

When it comes to fishing tactics you can never have too much information. The more you know, the more you can hone your techniques and refine you skills to become the ultimate angler. The AFN fishing DVD’s are famous for their thoroughness and valuable insights. No fishing library is complete without a full set of AFN DVD’s and the AFN Estuary Bream’n Tactics DVD has to be on the top of your acquisition list.

Talk to an old Bream specialist. He’s been fishing the same estuary for 40 years but he’ll be the first to tell you that, while he knows a heck of a lot, he still has plenty to learn.

Lures and equipment represent the greatest changes in fishing over the years. With the invention of new materials, new lures and kit, techniques have changed and adjusted to adapt to the ever changing technology. The perfect way to keep abreast of the latest in Estuary Bream fishing is to purchase and watch the AFN Estuary Bream’n Tactics DVD.

Presented by tournament Bream anglers you will be informed about basic Bream fishing principals, choosing locations, casting strategies, lures and essential kit. You’ll learn about what lure to use when, time and tide as well as the tricks that have allowed this couple of Bream aficionados to reach the top of their game. Information is presented in an entertaining educational manner. You’ll see plenty of Bream caught from different locations using varied techniques and strategies, all of which you can adopt and employ for your own estuary Bream hunts.

The AFN Estuary Bream’n Tactics DVD is not a watch once and forget DVD. It’s reference guide that you can return to time after time so you can ensure you are getting the best out of you estuary Bream fishing. AFN Estuary Bream’n Tactics DVD for sale now at a great price!

Features and Specifications

  • Presented by tournament Anglers Nigel Webster and Tim Morgan
  • Entertaining as well as informative
  • See plenty of Bream caught using many and varied techniques
  • Learn about what lure to use where and when
  • Tricks, techniques and strategies for increasing your estuary Bream haul


  • Knowledge is power. You will be able to use that which you learn straight away to increase the quality and quantity of you Bream catch.
  • Sit back on your favourite lounge and enjoy an entertaining presentation.
  • Watching his presentation will see you become a better Bream angler.
  • You’ll be able to employ new techniques on an estuary you have used for years and re-invigorate you Breaming experience.

The AFN Estuary Bream’n Tactics DVD is a must have for your fishing library. Sit back and be entertained as you learn a whole lot more about one of the most enjoyed fishing specialisations in Australia. Purchase your AFN Estuary Bream’n Tactics DVD and, in short, catch more Bream.

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