Plano Rustrictor Tackle Trays Stowaway

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Plano Rustrictor tackle trays

We all lose lures and tackle to snags and structure. On occasion, we will lose lures to unsuccessful battles. Most of the time, however, we lose decent tackle to corrosion while it is sitting in our tackle box.

Plano Rustrictor tackle trays are for sale now at the fishing tackle shop. The technologically advanced plastic includes a groundbreaking corrosion inhibitor that will see your fishing lures last up to 5 times longer*.

Often, we’ll use a lure once then store it, only to find the next time we pull it out the corrosion has made it useless. Despite our best efforts, beating corrosion is nigh on impossible.

The Plano Rustrictor tackle trays employ a vapour corrosion inhibitor. Effectively, corrosion prevention is dealt with at a molecular level. The container itself is helping to mitigate the costly horrors of rusting kit.

There is one of several great sizes to choose from when making a purchase. Each size will take different tackle bulks and sizes, with several trays designed for more specific purposes.

For example, there is a deep tray which is useful for larger, fatter lures. There is a thin tray which is useful for lures such as metal slices. There is a tray designed specifically for terminal tackle and a tiny tray which will be perfect for your smaller hardbodies or even flies.

With options, there is definitely a one or a few trays that will keep all your fishing lures and terminal tackle better protected from rust, organised and in ready to cast condition.

It is important to remember the brand. It is a Plano. Nobody does better tackle boxes than the tackle box legend, Plano.

The vapour vorrosion inhibitor infusion has been developed in partnership with armor protective packaging. Together, these innovative companies have found a way to see that your tackle last up to 5 times longer in storage than in any other tackle tray.

This is a Plano tackle box all anglers simply must own. Buy one or a selection now and do your lures, your tackle and your wallet a favour.

Features and Specifications

  • Plano Rustrictor Tackle Box Stowaway Series
  • Made in USA
  • Assists in blocking corrosion/rust longer compared to competing brands
  • Helps to increase the life of tackle and lures by upto 5 times. *Per lab testing
  • Models with dividers are removable for personal configuration

Notes: Multiple images are for illustration only. Prices vary depending on the model you select from our order menu. Price is for 1 single box. Choose size required when making your online order.

ModelApprox Outer SizeAdjustable Dividers
3500 / PLASV350 9.13 inch L x 5 inch W x 1.25 inch H Yes / Creates 4-9 compartments
3600 / PLASV360 11 inch L x 7.25 inch W x 1.75 inch H Yes / Creates up to 4-24 compartments
3700 DEEP / PLASV373 14 inch L x 9.13 inch W x 3.25 inch H Yes / Creates up to 4-15 compartments
3700 / PLASV370 14 inch L x 9.13 inch W x 2 inch H Yes / Creates up to 4-24 compartments
3700 THIN / PLASV371 14 inch L x 9.13 Inch W x 1.38 Inch H Yes / Creates up to 5-34 compartments
Terminal Tackle / PLASV455 12.38 inch L x 8.88 inch W x 1.5 inch H Yes / Creates up to 26 compartments


  • Each Plano Rustrictor tackle box is infused with VCI rust prevention ensuring your tackle and lures lasts up to 5 times longer*.
  • It is a Plano. So, you know it is quality, works, and it does everything they say it does.
  • When you are not losing tackle and lures to rust, you’re saving a small fortune in wasted tackle.
  • An organised angler who uses gear that is in peak condition catches more fish. Plano Rustrictor tackle trays will make you that angler.

Plano Rustrictor tackle trays are a no brainer for the organised and cash conscious angler. Ensure your expensive fishing tackle will last up to 5 times longer* whilst in storage by storing it in Plano Rustrictor tackle trays. For sale now right here at the fishing tackle shop.


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