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Mako GT Sunglasses

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Product Description

Mako GT Sunglasses  - Free worldwide shipping – polarised sunnies

Just like the big and almighty GT Giant trevally so is the sales for this model, BIG! Mako GT Sunglasses are up at the top of the sales charts and it’s no wonder why, they look stunning and are very well priced for premium polarised eyewear.

More than just your regular set of fishing glasses the team at Mako Eyewear thought long and hard about the perspective concept of the GT. The result was an amazing fashion forward design to suit the needs and desires of the Australian angler, to provide a sunnies range that not only look good but perform brilliantly out on the water.

If you want to fish in style as well as look stunning in the street, then join the rest of the anglers out there who have made Mako GT sunglasses their number 1 choice.  Don’t forget though you don’t just have to be a fisho to wear GT, they also make the ideal glasses for playing a round of golf, for bush walking, driving, general boating and for the beach goer.  More on the Mako GT Sunnies below…

Features and Specifications

  • Model: Mako GT Sunglasses
  • Best seller for fishing
  • Unisex design – great for men or woman
  • Ideal for fishing, golf, boating, driving, beach, and more
  • Fashion forward design, also ideal for a casual non-sports related wear
  • Glass Lens (most models) we also have some polycarbonate models in our order menu
  • Anti reflective coating
  • Hydrophobic and Oleophobic coating
  • Polarised

Note: Price is for 1 GT only. Prices vary depending on which lens you choose to purchase. Multiple GT images are for illustrative purpose.

Mako GT Sunglasses Buyer Guide

Stop looking like a lost mullet and be more like a GT! Well, I guess that is if you choose to purchase a pair of GT Sunnies!  Jokes aside, below we have created a handy little guide to assist those of you that are a little lost and not sure what the lenses are all about. Take a little read and once you’re brushed up you should be well on your way to making an informed purchase decision. Though, if we can offer any further assistance we are always just an email, live chat session or even a phone call away.

Glass Grey – High definition, darker lens ideal for natural presentation or perception. Grey you don’t necessarily see things in a different light, pardon the pun (they don’t offer full enhancement like some other lenses) but they are a fantastic choice if you are after an all-purpose lens suitable for fishing, driving and to wear casually. Infra Red filter is also included on the Grey lens GT sunnies which assists in reducing heat and eye irritations associated from heat at the end of the day.

Glass Rose Green Mirror – A High definition lens that offers better visual clarity and are amazing for fishing inshore including lakes and rivers be it fresh or saltwater styles. They are perfect for the sight fisher.

Glass Blue Mirror - In high light situations such as offshore fishing or for a day down at the beach blue mirror are a good choice to consider. Blue mirror is a glass high definition lens with Infra red filters which help reduce heat and eye fatigue meaning that you are less likely to end up with sore dry eyes at the end of the day.

Grey Polycarbonate – Lenses are pretty much the same as what we have described above for glass grey. The biggest differences are that they don’t have infra red features are just standard definition but are much better at resisting breaking due to impact. Perfect for the person who drops their sunnies a lot.

Grey Polycarbonate Bifocal – General purpose lens, impact resistant, standard definition with Bifocal 2.0D rating for those that find it a little harder to see than others.


  • Anti reflective coating on the Mako GT sunglasses is a no brainer really, this is designed to better protect your eyes against harmful UV rays. AR coatings also stop reflections on the inside between your face and the glasses providing you with enhanced visual output.
  • Other coatings included on all the Mako GT models such as Hydrophobic and Oleophobic will assist in keeping water, dust and dirt away.
  • Highly fashionable. Ideal for fishing, down the beach or just everyday general and casual wear whether male or female.
  • Lenses are polarised to provide you with amazing clarity by cutting glare (great for seeing through the water surface)

So, what are you waiting for? Stop looking like a mullet and start looking more like a GT!  Fishing Tackle Shop pride ourselves on offing amazing value to our customers and so any Mako GT sunglasses you purchase come with Free shipping worldwide (excludes taxes and duties if your country charges this).  Shop with confidence, shop with Fishing Tackle Shop.

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