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Mako Escape Sunglasses

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Product Description

Mako Escape Sunglasses – Free Worldwide Shipping

Want your eyes to escape the harsh Aussie sun? then we urge you to strongly consider the Mako Escape sunglasses. Available in several glass lens options with amazing clarity and perception through to a couple of polycarbonate lens models for those that are concerned about dropping and impact resistance.

Mako Escape sunglasses are a completely fishing focused frame and one of our best sellers to anglers around the nation. The key feature is that the frame is designed well and sits comfortable on most head shapes offering improved side light filtration translating to enhanced clarity. This is ideal for any fisherman but especially for those that sight fish. Should you purchase grey, brown or rose options in the glass lens you also get the added benefit of high definition.

Mako Eyewear have been around for a very long time. Over 25 years in fact and this is a testament to being able to provide a quality product at a reasonable price. You wouldn’t be in business this long if you’re customers were not satisfied, and it is why many well-known faces such as celebrity angler Steve Starling and Bondi Lifeguard Anthony ‘Harries’ Carrol are also big ambassadors for Mako, such a quality and iconic brand.

Features and Specifications

  • Model: Mako Escape 9581
  • Glass lenses available: in grey, blue mirror, rose green mirror and photochromic copper.
  • If polycarbonate lenses for impact resistance are more your thing we have some grey or brown lens options.
  • Fully polarised lenses
  • Ideal for fishing
  • Comfortable light weight high quality plastic frame
  • Hydrophobic anti water and Oleophobic anti dirt and oil coatings
  • Anti-Reflective coatings
  • All Escapes are standard frames to fit most head shapes but we do have 1 pair in XL Grey (escape model 9603) Polycarbonate for those that have a wider head frame.

Mako Escape Sunglasses Buyer Guide

If you’re a little lost on which model to choose perhaps we can help. Below is a list of properties and main differences between each Mako Escape lens style.

Glass Grey – High definition, natural perception lens. Doesn’t enhance colours but perfect as a general-purpose lens for inshore and off. Ideal also for driving and all other sports. Infra red filter also included on this model to assist in blocking radiant energy/heat.

Glass Blue Mirror – Offers amazing contrast in high light situations making this lens ideal for those that do a lot of offshore fishing or boating. High definition lens and Infra red filters are also included on this model.

Glass Rose Green Mirror – High definition lens that offers supreme clarity. Perfect for inshore fishing, lakes, rivers fresh or saltwater. Ideal for sight fishing.

Glass Copper Photochromic – a good all-round lens that adapts well to light changes. Especially low light conditions. (one of our bestselling lenses)

Polycarbonate Grey – Highly impact resistant general purpose natural perception lens.

Polycarbonate Brown – Highly impact resistant lens that provides excellent contrast. Perfect for most forms of fishing, camping and outdoor activities.


  • Polarised lenses that cut glare improve your visual clarity and provide less eye fatigue.
  • If you purchase one of our models with an infra red filter (see buyers guide above) then you have a pair of sunnies that also blocks radiant energy, it reduces heat transmitted through the escape lenses and means less chance of sore dry eyes.
  • Anti-reflective coatings assist in blocking UV which can be harmful to eyes and this coating also helps to enhance visual acuity.
  • Oleophobic and hydrophobic properties better position your lens to repel dust, dirt oils and water.

For your next pair of fishing sunglasses make the right choice and purchase a pair of Mako Escape Sunglasses. We should also make mention that we offer Free Shipping on all Mako Escape sunnies world wide (excludes import duties should your government impose them).

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