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Kumho Gang Hooks

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$14.50 - $15.95
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Kuhmo Gang Hooks - Built for Beach & Rock Fishing Battle.

Remember the heart-stopping tug that sends shivers down your spine, your rod buckling under the weight of a monster snapper as it tears through the current? Yeah, that's the adrenaline rush these Kumho Gang Hooks were built for. Forget puny baits and timid nibbles.These bad boys are Aussie fishing royalty, designed to lure in and wrestle out the big guns of our sun-soaked shores, from reef-roaming mulloway to hard-fighting salmon.

We all know how picky these lightning-quick predators can be. Half the battle is having hooks that can handle a blistering run, yet hold on once they strike. That's where the Kumho Gang Hooks shine brighter than the scales of a chrome salmon.

Specifically forged for the demands of Aussie species

These chemically sharpened, black nickel warriors feature Kumho's PowerPoint technology for uncompromising strength and penetration. Link a set of three to a trace and watch them disappear into a pilchard's flank like dark missiles ready for launch as you bait up.

Once that bait's in the water, the unique presentation of the whole baitfish kicks predatory instincts into overdrive.  Once you feel a tug on your line, set the hooks, and the needle-sharp points of the Kumho gang hooks penetrate quickly and deeply. Turn a moment of gnashing teeth and a nodding fishing rod into a potential blistering run.

A Dance Of Death (for the fish)

While some anglers use ganging hooks to rig baits to tempt the odd tailor or jewie, Kumho's Gang Hooks were born for one purpose - hooking Australia's most explosive beach and rock sport fish with little compromise.

So, before the sun's first rays usher in that subtle bite period, make sure these purpose-driven Kuhmo Gang hooks are locked and loaded on your rig. The Aussie salmon blitz waits for no one.

Features and Specifications

  • Packet of 5 Rigs
  • 3 Linked Hooks Per Rig
  • Black Nickel Colour
  • Available Sizes: Either 3/0 or 4/0
  • Chemically Sharpened Hooks
  • Power Point Technology - Forged Xtra Strong
  • Brand: Kumho

Frequently Asked Questions

What baits work best on the Kumho Gang Hooks?

Whole pilchards and slabs of fresh yakka are prime choices for the Kumho Gang Hooks. However, mullet, whole squid, and even large chunks of bonito or tuna all work like a charm. Get creative and experiment based on what your target species are feasting on.

No matter what type of bait you use from the above list, the multiple hook points allow you to hook the bait in several places for an irresistible presentation that triggers the predatory instinct of a wide array of saltwater fish species.

What species of fish can I catch with Kumho Gang Hooks?

The Kumho Gang Hooks were designed specifically with hard-fighting Australian natives like salmon, tailor and small yellowtail kingfish in mind. Their strength and multiple hook points allow anglers to subdue lightning-quick bites when fish bust your bait.

While it is possible to use Kumho Ganged hooks for other species and applications, Kumho Gang hooks certainly shine when targeting Australia's beach and rock sport fish list.

Buy Kumho Gang Hooks Online

Ignite your passion, use our practical advice and take advantage of our online deals on Kumho gang hooks. Buy a few packets, rig your fishing rod, cast a line and let Kumho Gang Hooks do the talking (or rather, the hooking)!


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