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Shimano Jigging Reels


For those anglers wishing to head out on the boat there are going to be times where you wish to drop down a butterfly or knife jig and for this you are going to need to checkout our Shimano Jigging Reels For Sale.

Shimano puts equal dedication into creating innovative fishing reels for all styles of fishing. Jigging is no exception. The jigging technique, though ancient, is enjoying not only a resurgence but a huge popularity, as manufacturers scramble to create jigging specific reels. Shimano, of course, is setting the standard and brings you the best in jigging reels.

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Shimano Talica Fishing Reel

Buy Shimano Talica Fishing Reel offering tremendous cranking power with single/double speed light weight reels!

Shimano Trinidad Fishing Reels

Buy Shimano Trinidad Fishing Reels as they offer better handing due to reduced frame size without loss in line capacity!



The Pick of the Crop - Shimano jigging reels represent the unrivalled quality and performance. The range of Shimano, overhead style jigging reels is tremendous. We sell the Talica, the Trinidad and the mid blowing Torsa. With a host of awesome inclusions across the board, these models represent the pinnacle of jigging excellence.

Which One? – The models in the Shimano jigging range are all incredibly impressive. The Talica alone has over 8 models from which to choose. Give us a call or chat with us on line. Tell us your application and we’ll help you refine your choices. It’s Shimano, you can’t go wrong.

Consider the Shimano – For those who demand the ultimate and those that want the best jigging reel in premier reel manufacturer designs, you must consider a Shimano. Overhead game tradition is fused with the technical wizardry  to produce a jigging phenomenon.