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Okuma Fishing Rods


Okuma Fishing Rods offer impressive performance and very good value for money so it is no wonder why many anglers are making the switch to Okuma fishing gear.

Okuma Fishing has risen quickly in the global angling market since initially developing fishing rods and fishing reels in the early 1980s. The expansion of the company has led to the establishment of Okuma Australia, which has helped to bring in even more exclusive rods to our market. Below we have summarised a few of the impressive ranges of Okuma fishing rods for you to check out.

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Okuma Salina 3 Fishing Rods

Okuma Salina 3 Fishing Rods are wonderful to use for Jigging and deep sea fishing!

Okuma X Factor Fishing Rods

Okuma X Factor Fishing Rods gives you the extra length for casting long distances!

Okuma Fishing Rods Other

Okuma Fishing Rods Other



Okuma Salina 3 – The triumph of this range has to be the TCC-1 blank, which has been built with a tapered carbon composite. Experience strong and durable casting or jigging with an Okuma Salina 3.

Okuma X-Factor –Rock and surf fishing are the specialities of the Okuma X-Factor range. Anglers really appreciate the sensitivity and strength that comes from blanks built with machine-woven graphite strands.

Selection of Rods – These Okuma rods are available in a huge span of lengths and with different power ratings. Whether you require short or long, or light or heavy rods, there is something here for you.

Making Decisions – All of the okuma fishing rods in this section are competitively priced, which certainly helps your decision-making. However, understanding the relevance of the various features can be tricky. Thankfully, though, you can seek advice by sending us your questions using out helpful live chat platform or sending us an email or even contacting is via phone.