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Game Fishing Hooks


Game Fishing Hooks For Sale in popular brands such as Wasabi by Black Magic and Pakula.

Game fishing offers a competitive thrill that appeals to many of the more experienced anglers. The challenge of catching species like tuna or marlin is one that is difficult to match. To help out, we have built a special section filled exclusively with game fishing hooks. And whether you prefer the single- or twin-hook design, we have options within both styles.

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Game Fishing Hooks For sale in J style pattern, great for live baiting and for trolling lures. View Here.


Twin Hook Rigs for game fishing – ideal for trolling lures. See our range here.



Respected brand names – There are many great products for you to browse. Pakula and Wasabi are popular among our single hooks, while both brands are also highly rated among our twin hook shackle rigs for trolling lures. You’ll find only the most respected names in our game fishing hooks.

Single Game Fishing Hooks – These fishing hooks represent the ideal option if you seek a straight-forward design. Available in a broad selection of sizes and styles, you will have complete freedom in your game fishing when you buy from the Fishing Tackle Shop.

Twin Hook Shackle Rigs – The twin-hook design of shackle rigs allows for each fishing hook to work independently of the other. This gives each hook an improved chance of hooking up because they have the freedom to line up with your fishing lure’s centre.

Expert Guidance – Big game fishing can be extremely difficult without the right gear. Let us help you find the ideal big game hooks to enhance your sport fishing prospects. Ask us about any fishing hooks for sale by using our live chat link or contacting us on the phone or via email.