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Daiwa Overhead Fishing Reels


Daiwa is not only famous for their incredible range of spinning reels, they also cater for the angler who demands the best performing overhead fishing reels. Here for sale we have Daiwa Overheads available in a couple of ranges. See them below including popular ranges such as the Saltiga Overhead and Saltist Overhead reel.

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Daiwa Saltist Overhead Fishing Reels

Buy Daiwa Saltist Overhead Fishing Reels for some exciting fishing in saltwater for many years to come!

Daiwa Saltiga Overhead Fishing Reels

Buy Daiwa Saltiga Overhead Fishing Reels from us we have a large range for boat fishing and jigging!



Saltwater Overhead Reels – Generally overhead style reels are used for saltwater fishing, whilst some can be cast it’s not a generally an angling preference these days. However, where overheads are more commonly used and are of high preference is angling from a boat. Daiwa have a range to suit boat fishing applications from bottom bashing, light trolling to jigging.

Popular Models – Daiwa are famous for two particular overheads in there range and that is the Saltiga Overhead and Saltist. These two ranges are of premium quality which you can come to expect from any Daiwa Overhead that you purchase. We Deliver Worldwide so if you need a new reel consider Fishing Tackle Shop for your next purchase.