26th Jan 2024

Lake Illawarra Fishing

Hook, Line and Lake Illawarra Fishing – The Top Lake Illawarra Fishing Spots

Lake Illawarra Fishing

Nestled on the sparkling NSW South Coast, the glistening waters of Lake Illawarra beckon anglers with the promise of bag-limit catches and family-friendly fishing fun. Teeming with flathead, bream, whiting, mulloway and mullet, this breathtaking saltwater lake has fantastic options, whether chasing a monster mulloway or simply soaking up quality time lakeside. We’ve rounded up the top fishing spots in Lake Illawarra to help you land more fish.

Best Fishing Spots – Lake Illawarra

Windang Bridge: The undisputed epicentre of Lake Illawarra fishing, Windang Bridge sees anglers jostling shoulder-to-shoulder to try their luck, especially at a tide change when the fish turn it on. Targeting luderick with green weed, or bream with bait or lures beneath the bridge pylons are classic techniques, while the lake entrance beckons with mulloway, salmon, tailor, whiting and flathead possibilities.

Primbee Sand Flats: The expansive Primbee Sand Flats North of Windang Bridge offer endless shots at landing dusky flathead to 50cm, with bream and whiting in the area; Weedless rigs or lightly weighted soft plastics allow prospecting across the flats. Focus on the deeper edges and scattered weed beds, or drift with the breeze and current to cover the ground.

Koona Bay: Super-sheltered Koona Bay, as well as Burroo near Oak Flats, sees family-friendly land-based fishing, predominantly for bream. Mud crabs and blue swimmers reward crab trap soakers, while lure casters have shots at surface-feeding fish. Fish early morning or late afternoon for best results. Stop into Ocean Storm Fishing Tackle at Warilla to grab bait and last-minute supplies.

Tallawarra Power Station: The warm water discharge from Tallawarra Power Station effectively ‘air conditions’ the water, making it several degrees warmer than the rest of the lake. This balmy haven acts as a fish attractor, bringing flathead, bream and more within range of keen casters.

Macquarie Rivulet: Flowing into the lake just out of Albion Park, the fresh waters of the Macquarie Rivulet draw mullet, flathead and bream. At the same time, keen lure and fly dabblers have shots at Australian Bass upstream of the weir near Albion Park Rail.

Windang Beach (Lake Illawarra Entrance): Where land meets the lake, Windang Beach throws a welcome party for typical beach dwellers. Whiting, flathead, bream, dart, and even the occasional mulloway, salmon, or tailor might grace your hook. Remember, the surf can be as fickle as a teenager, so respect its power and adjust your approach accordingly.

Windang Island: A stone's throw from the beach, Windang Island is another beachside gem. Expect the same fishy suspects as Windang Beach, all eager to meet your lure in a watery rendezvous.

The Drop Off

Lake Illawarra is a tidal water body, with tide changes influencing fish feeding patterns. An incoming tide brings in prey, and the dropoff (where the top of the channel meets the main lake basin) is one of the most popular and rewarding places for boat anglers to fish. Anchor up at the drop-off, drop a baited prawn overboard, or toss a soft plastic or blade; chances are it will be highly productive.

Lake Illawarra Fishing FAQs:

Why go fishing in Lake Illawarra?

Lake Illawarra is home to diverse fish species waiting to test anglers’ skills. Its sheltered waters suit all levels of fishing ability. You can soak in beautiful lakeside scenery while waiting for a bite with family and friends.

What are the best times for fishing Lake Illawarra?

Early mornings and late afternoons are prime times, especially around tide changes. Autumn, Spring and summer see active fish chasing lures, while winter allows chasing bigger flathead and mulloway.

Do I need an NSW fishing license to fish Lake Illawarra?

Yes, most fishers aged 18+ in NSW require a Recreational Fishing Licence (RFL) to fish recreationally. Licences last three days to 3 years and are available online through Service NSW.

Ocean Storm Fishing Tackle

Where is the best place to buy fishing gear to Fish Lake Illawarra?

Gear up for success before wetting a line with quality tackle and bait supplies from Ocean Storm Fishing Tackle in Warilla (the physical store division of Fishing Tackle Shop). Our friendly staff will steer you towards the most appropriate lures, rigs, bait and fishing gear for fishing Lake Illawarra.