Berkley Pro Tech Albert Wild Lure

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Berkley Pro Tech Albert Wild Lure For Sale

Prepare to unleash the wild with the Berkley Pro Tech Albert Wild fishing lure! Designed to mimic the untamed movements of a baitfish, Albert is bound to drive big fish crazy Down Under. As you reel in that potential new personal record, prepare for the wild ride of success that will leave you hooked. Are you ready to embrace the wild and conquer the Aussie waters? Let's cast in!

Born in the creative incubator that is the 2023 Berkley Hospital of Design, the Albert Wild Lure, at 170mm in length and tipping the scales at a feathery 72 grams, is a prime example of a fishing lure that didn't just evolve – it burst forth. This multi-segmented sensation dances in the water with the grace of a prima ballerina and the charisma of a rock star.

Albert's design is robust and dynamic, ensuring a performance that not only grabs the attention of the aquatic audience but completely mesmerises them. With the presence of the Albert Wild Lure, fishing becomes a captivating underwater ballet, luring large predatory fish directly to front and centre stage.

Enter Barramundi! It's showtime, and the Barramundi are the lead act. With the raw, wild energy of the Albert Wild lure in play, Barra's routine transforms from a casual swim to a spectacular chase. These silver stage stars, known for their thrilling jumps and staggering size, are drawn to Albert's wild rhythm like a crowd to a headlining act.

The dance with a Barra on your line is no gentle waltz—it's a full-blown rock concert, with the Albert Wild lure playing the bassline that keeps the Barra hooked. Are you ready to be the conductor of this aquatic orchestra? Albert Wild is your baton, and the Barra are waiting to dance to your tune.

Now, Let's briefly cast into southern freshwater fishing in Australia. Picture this: the stage is set, the anticipation is high, and the spotlight is shining brightly on none other than the mighty Murray Cod. With its impressive size and fierce fighting spirit, this iconic fish steals the show as the headline act.

Prepare for an unforgettable performance as you reel in the excitement and make memories that will last a lifetime. Get hooked on the Murray Cod experience, where every Berkley Pro Tech Albert Wild lure cast is a chance to land and meet and greet a true superstar!

Despite the sweat, one last performance remains the enigmatic finale known as "Secret Silver," also known as Mulloway. This elusive and enigmatic fish is a rare treat to see in a live performance, but with the added power and wild energy of the Berkley Protech Albert Wild Lure, it's a spectacle worth waiting for.

The chase is on as Mulloway takes to the stage, mesmerising audiences with roaring riffs lasting for hours. It's an actual test of patience and skill, but with the help of an Albert Wild Lure, you'll hear reel screaming secret silver makes its way to the platform.

The Berkley Pro Tech Albert Wild Lure is not just any swimbait fishing lure – it's an open invitation to embrace the untamed! The team at Berkley have knocked it out of the park with this one. It's a total legend born wild in its own right!

Features and Specifications

  • Type: Swimbait
  • Segments: Three
  • Hardware: Owner STX-58TN Trebles, Owner hyper wire split rings
  • Attachment point for optional chin weights (weights not included)
  • Ideal for casting on heavy tackle systems
  • Length: 170mm
  • Weight: 72 grams

Which types of fish can be caught using the Berkley Pro Tech Albert Wild Lure?

The Berkley Pro Tech Albert Wild Lure is an absolute rockstar for luring in the big fish. The three primary targets for Albert include Barramundi, Murray Cod, and Mulloway. However, the limitations are endless, and other large predatory fish can also fall under Albert's spell. So, don't be surprised if you catch a shock guest appearance occasionally!

Is the Berkley Pro Tech Albert wild lure suitable for saltwater fishing?

Yes, Albert Wild can be fished in both freshwater and saltwater environments. However, rinse the lure with fresh water after each use in saltwater to prevent any damage to the hardware.

Can the Albert Wild Lure withstand heavy tackle systems?

Absolutely! The Berkley Pro Tech Albert Wild Lure is specifically designed for casting on heavy tackle systems. With its robust design and hardware, this lure can easily handle the pressure of those big fish fights on heavy tackle systems.

What colours are available for sale?

Berkley Pro-tech Albert Wild Lures are available in various wild colours, each priced separately. The colour options include HD Bone, HD Bony Bream, HD Bright Light, HD Carp, Heyou, and Redfin. HD Carp, Heyou, and Redfin are particularly popular among freshwater anglers. On the other hand, the remaining colours are well-received by our saltwater angler customer base.

What type of rod and line is recommended for the Berkley Pro Tech Albert Wild Lure?

Aussie anglers typically use a braided line to pair the Berkley Pro Tech Albert Wild Lure with a medium to heavy action Baitcaster / Swimbait setup. This system is ideal for handling the lure's weight and the potential significant fish strikes.

Are there any specific techniques Aussie anglers should use while using the Albert Wild Lure?

Aussie anglers often use a slow, steady retrieve for the best results; pausing the Albert Wild occasionally can often be a productive approach. Also, casting near the structure and allowing the lure to sink before starting the retrieve can be highly effective. Albert's wild movements do the rest of the work, drawing the attention of lurking predators!

Why buy a Berkley Pro Tech Albert Wild online from Fishing Tackle Shop?

Our online tackle store offers the convenience of quick picks and speedy dispatches, getting your Berkley Pro Tech Albert Wild lure and any other Fishing Gear you purchase to you nearly as fast as a Barramundi on a bite!

With our online introduction dating back to 2005, our online presence has grown so much that we're practically an old codger in the fishing industry - and we mean that in the best possible way. We've been hooking anglers up with top-quality gear for over a decade, building trust and reliability among our customer base. So, go on, cast your eyes on the add to cart button, and get ready for an epic fishing experience with the Berkley Pro Tech Albert Wild Lure.


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