Berkley Powerbait Hollow Belly Lures

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Berkley Powerbait Hollow Belly Lures

The Berkley Powerbait Hollow Belly Lure for sale now has a very edible profile. While versatile enough to entice the bite from a huge range of fish, Barramundi, Murray Cod and Mulloway anglers will find the Hollow Belly swimbait particularly useful.

The Hollow Belly's unique feature is, obviously, the hollow belly. The cavity delivers a more realistic swimming action predatory fish simply can't refuse. The infused Powerbait scent turns the enticing action into an irresistible meal your target will smash hard, wherever it happens to be in the water column.

The colours are an inciteful choice, detailed and very realistic. The 3D eye adds a further level of realism elevating the Powerbait Hollow Belly fishing lure to a top shelf performance soft plastic. Anglers can generate peak action at varied speeds, with a slow retrieve enough to have the Hollow Belly swimming like a real fish. It's very easy to use, making it great for all skill levels.

We have a few sizes for sale including 4 inch, 5 inch or 6 inch. With the 6 inch size, the lure will attract a larger class of fish, however, it won't preclude the likes of monster perch, aggressive enough to tackle lures much bigger than their mouths. You can expect that big Flathead will be super keen to monster your Hollow Belly, particularly those lurking in the shallows. Mulloway anglers are always searching for "THE LURE" to tackle estuary residents. The Berkley Powerbait Hollow Belly Lures are a first choice, with the added benefit, that while you target the big Jew, you are open to any species that live in the same hood.

Berkley are soft plastic masters. You can purchase a selection of colours knowing each and every lure is a sure path to quality fishing and a quality catch. Get your Berkley Powerbait Hollow Belly Lures now.

Features and Specifications

  • Type: Soft plastic
  • Feature: Hollow belly
  • Retrieve: Slow to medium
  • Detailed design with 3D eyes
  • Infused with Powerbait scent

Size Specific Info

6 Inch - 150mm / 3 lures in packet (unrigged)

5 Inch - 125mm / 3 lures in packet (unrigged)

6 Inch - 100mm / 4 lures in packet (unrigged)

Note: Multiple images for reference only. Price displayed is for one single packet only.

Berkley Powerbait Hollow Belly Users Guide

Starting at the bigger end of town the 6 in size is suitable for freshwater or saltwater fishing. Target species include: Barramundi, Murray cod, Kingfish, tuna, mangrove jacks, fingermark, salmon, huge flathead, mulloway, snapper and other reef fish.

When rigging there is multiple options you can choose. We suggest buying a packet of Owner flashy swimmer jig heads for overall best performance in a size 8/0. This is a weighted belly hook with a metal flash spinner for added fish attraction. You can also rig Hollow Bellys up on a standard conventional style jig head. The weight you choose can depend on a few factors such as how deep you wish to fish but in terms of hook size most jig heads with a hook size of 5/0 to 8/0 will be fine.

5 Inch size is a good all rounder for on and offshore fishing. Best jig head hook size will be 2/0 to 3/0 jig head or ideally size 5/0 Flashy Swimmer heads.

4 Inch size will still be fine for barra, cod, mangrove jack and others. However at 4 inches it is a much easier bait size to use when targeting typical sized flathead in lakes and river systems. We suggest size 1 to 1/0 jig head hook sizes  or 3/0 flashy swimmer heads.


  • The hollow body, or cavity, provides and even better swimming action ensuring fish bite more aggressively, delivering secure hook-ups.
  • Given the ease of generating peak action, the Hollow Belly is suited to all lure fishing skill levels.
  • Powerbait scent is a phenomenal lure all fish bite harder, hang on for longer and come from further away to score a meal.

Berkley Powerbait Hollow Belly Lures will be a special for the Barra, Jew and Cod angler. Anglers that seek a larger class of Flathead on light gear will also find them a brilliant lure. Sometimes colour can matter, so why not go all out and buy a selection of Berkley Powerbait Hollow Belly Lure colours now.


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