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Berkley Powerbait Giant Ripple Shad Lure

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Product Description

Berkley Powerbait Giant Ripple Shad Lure –16cm or 20cm Size Rigged

It’s an old saying but it continually rings true. Big baits for big fish. The beauty of the Berkley Powerbait Giant Ripple Shad Lure for sale now, is that it comes at a remarkably accessible price. You can grab yourself a selection of colours and sizes for the sort of dollars that would see you with only one lure of a similar size and make. Great value.

The Berkley Powerbait Giant Ripple Shad Lure is a brilliant allrounder for a larger class of fish. Hit the inshore waters for massive Mulloway from rock walls and deep channels. If you fancy a Lizard over the 90-cm mark this is the sort of bait to cast. Big Flathead love a huge meal. Barra will attack them with furry, particularly the bigger class of fish. Hit the reefs and tackle big Snapper with huge bumps on their head. Of course, the blue water will produce everything from Kingfish to Tuna.

The lure is impregnated with Powerbait scent. As many of us already know, the Powerbait scent ensures the fish hang on to the bait much longer on attack providing you a much more forgiving strike time. Ideal for a greater strike to hook-up conversion. Sold pre-rigged, the hook arrangement is ideal for enhancing a secure hook-up. There is a large single hook on top, supported by a swivelled treble underneath.

The key profile features are the ripples from head to tail that produce an enticing vibration and irresistible swim action, while allowing for a greater surface area for the Powerbait to send fish into a frenzy. The huge paddle tail thumbs allow creating noise and water disturbance that fish simply cannot resist. For a bigger class of fish and not stop action grab one or a selection of Berkley Powerbait Giant Ripple Shad Lures for your kit.

Here’s a tip for those hunting Murray Cod of significant size. The Berkley Giant Ripple Shad Lure is a true winner. Please make sure you return your catch to the environment so they can live to breed and fight another day.

Features and Specifications

  • Type: Berkley Giant Ripple Shad Lure
  • Profile: Baitfish
  • Sizes: We sell either 16cm or 20cm model
  • Hooks: Rigged on the lure (Single on top plus swivelled treble underneath)
  • Powerbait scent and flavour infused
  • 3D eye for a realistic appearance
  • Sold pre-rigged and ready to cast
  • Perfect for saltwater targeting species such mulloway, snapper, tuna, kingfish and more and ideal In the freshwater for murray cod and barramundi

Note: Multiple images for illustration only. Price is for one lure only, select the colour and size of your choice when ordering.

How to use The Giant Ripple Shad

The beauty of the ripple shad is that it is quite versatile, it can be run by slow retrieve across structure producing a steady wobble for species such as murray cod or barra or it can be cast and spun at high speeds to attract the likes of bluefin tuna, yellowfin tuna or kingfish sub surface. Taking the lure offshore on the reefs you can let it sink down to the bottom and give it a few rips before letting the lure sink back down to entice the likes of big snapper.


  • Excellent price for such a large lure. Cost effective, proving great value for money.
  • Pre-rigged by the expert for ideal balance and presentation.
  • Hydrosonic ribs from head to tail increase noise and commotion attracting fish from a greater distance.
  • Realistic baitfish colour and profile ensures fish have no idea they are being duped.
  • Can be fished anywhere from inland rivers to the blue water. A brilliant utility allrounder for a bigger class of fish.
  • Powerbait impregnation assists you catch more fish more often.

The Berkley Powerbait Giant Ripple Shad Lure is a must have for the angler that uses soft baits to chase a larger class of fish from a diverse range of waters and varying conditions. Brilliantly priced, you can grab one or stock up on a selection of colours and sizes since they are that affordable, and keep some change to stock up on terminal tackle here at Fishing Tackle Shop.

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