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Barambah B60 Lure Now for Sale at the Fishing Tackle Shop

Behold the Barambah B60 Fishing Lure - the relentlessly cunning lure set to ambush your freshwater strongholds and establish dominance over lurking natives.

This fiendishly versatile crankbait covertly adapts to stalk big Australian bass in the shadows, surprising Golden perch in snags, or release its inner instincts to plummet the impenetrable depths in search of mammoth Murray Cod.

Lean in enthusiastically as we examine what makes the B60 such a force to be reckoned with across every freshwater domain.

Equipped with deadly BKK weaponry, a chin weight system, and Balambah’s trademarked “match-the-hatch” profiling, the Barambah B60 Lure mimics a huge list of prey fish species on the menu.

The B60 swaggers onto the underwater battlefield, ready to besiege freshwater bass, yellowbelly, golden perch and cod alike.

Features and Adaptability

At 60mm long and fitted with heavy-duty BKK trebles, the Barambah B60 packs a deceptive punch. Its small profile belies outstanding versatility:

  • Cast wide and shallow across snag country
  • Add chin weights for incredible 6m+ diving potential when trolled or cast
  • Adjust sink rate and buoyancy to finesse bottom-hugging retrieves

From the mind of lure designer Matt Fraser, this lure's pedigree shows in its fish-raising versatility.

Please Note: Each colour is sold separately. Choose which B60 lure you require when making your online purchase.

Battle-Ready Construction

Don’t be fooled by the B60’s compact size and smart price tag – this lure boasts serious fish-stopping credentials:

  • Production plastic composition balances strength with value
  • Integrated clip system for adding chin weights
  • Quality BKK assist hooks ready for battle
  • Proven design based on tournament-winning timber precursor
  • Outfitted to handle everything from jacks to jewies, the B60 enters your tacklebox battle-ready.

Fish New Depths

Beefy bass smashing shallow minnows, bullish cod prowling the depths, barrel-chested yellowbelly patrolling steep contours – the Baramabah B60 Lure puts you in the strike zone at every level: 

Shallow: Explore neighbourhood backwaters and tight snag lines with exceptional casting distance and buoyancy behind you.

Deep: Add chin weights and plumb the depths to over 6m, leaving those fish deep down in secret honey holes with nowhere to hide.

The Barambah B60 Fishing Lure speaks the language to unlock every fishy hideout. And with chin weight customisations, you control the dialect.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the best techniques for getting the most out of the B60?

The B60 is highly versatile but shines when cast wide over snag country or plumbed deep by adding chin weights. Think edges of creek beds, underwater points and drop-offs. Impart action with small hops, pauses, and changing retrieves.

What tough fish species can the Barambah B60 Lure Catch?

While a highly adaptable lure, the B60 shines on freshwater battlers like Yellowbelly, cod, bass, and golden perch. The BKK assist hooks and quality plastic composition equip it for the toughest jaw-crushing strikes. 

Can you use the Barambah B60 for saltwater fishing?

You can use the B60 for saltwater fishing as well. Although it is marketed primarily for freshwater, fish such as jewfish and large flathead can be caught using the B60.

What is the weight and size of the Barambah B60 Lure?

The weight of the B60 fishing lure is approximately 13.5 grams and the size is 60mm (overall if you include the bib is 100mm)

Do chin nuts come supplied with the B60?

There are two chin nuts supplied with the B60. 1x 1/12oz and 1x 1/16oz chin nut is supplied.

How does the B60 compare to other famous Barambah lures?

While most other proven designs of Barambah lures focus on top and shallow water excellence, the B60 takes versatility into entirely new depths. Its capacity to fine-tune diving depth and sink rate expands your fish-catching potential.

Unlock New Potential in Your Fishing Lure Box – Buy A Barambah B60 Lure!

Serious freshwater anglers are frothing over the B60's potential for exploring deeper domains and adapting perfectly to shallow snag casting. Bring some versatile secret-lure prowess into your next fishing session and experience the next evolution of the time-honoured traditional minnow.

Take advantage of our sharp online pricing on the Barambah B60 lures by adding a few to your cart today!


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