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Scribbly Gum Smoker Sawdust

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    Product Description

    Scribbly Gum Smoker Sawdust

    Looking for a different way to cook your catch? How about using a method that’s easy, been around for thousands of years and adds a great flavour to your food?

    Why not smoke your fish? You can use a traditional fish smoker a BBQ or even a wok it’s that easy!

    Smoking food is not just restricted to fish, any meat, poultry, cheeses and even vegetables can be smoked. So why not give it a go?

    The traditional timbers for smoking are hardwoods as they provide the optimum amount of flavorsome smoke and a long burn time.

    Scribbly gum is an Australian hardwood that has a very mild to light smoke flavour perfect for those that want some smokiness without the flavour of the food being overpowered.

    Scribbly gum is suitable for Seafood and Vegetables. Scribbly gum can be mixed with other flavours and exotic spices to add a bit of flair to your cooking! The options are endless.

    Features and Specifications

    ♦   Timber: Scribbly Gum

    ♦   Flavour: Light / mild Smokiness

    ♦   Weight: Approx 180g

    ♦   Suitable for use with: Seafood, Vegetables and more


    Benefits and handy hints

    ♦   Smoking your food adds a unique flavour to your cooking, great for parties, special occasions or when you go on fishing trips or camping.

    ♦   To create more smoke, increase burn time and reduce the risk of burning lightly moisten the sawdust before smoking.

    ♦   The best fish for smoking are those with an oily flesh. Fish such as trout, salmon, tailor, slimey mackerel, etc.

    ♦   It is best to brine seafood before smoking. For a heavy brine about a cup of salt per litre of water and soak the fish for a few hours. For a less salty taste reduce time you soak the fish

    ♦   For an exotic flavour, mix some spices into your brine or through your sawdust.

    Note: Smoking times vary depending on weight and amount of produce to be smoked please also follow safe food handling guidelines when smoking food.

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