Shimano Ocea Jigging Gloves

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Shimano Ocea Jigging Gloves

Often, we’ll see a deck hand wearing a good set of gloves, especially on a game boat. On a game boat they’re more or less essential. Yet for the rank and file anglers gloves are rarely a consideration. They should be. A good set of gloves for fishing provide a list of benefits with safety being just one aspect. The Shimano Ocea Jigging Gloves for sale now are brilliant gloves designed specifically for the angler, and they should be considered essential kit, for all fishing conditions.

First and foremost, the Shimano Ocea Jigging Gloves provide sun protection for the hands, a place we often forget to protect. Many anglers refuse to put sunscreen on their hands because it’s slippery and rubs off onto baits and lures. Fish don’t like sun screen flavour.

For wet conditions, be it from wave action or rain, the Shimano Ocea Jigging gloves provide excellent grip, with reinforced non-slip material on the index finger and palm. The extra grip is perfect for getting hold on slippery rocks or in a slippery boat. It also provides excellent traction when casting a rod with a wet grip. Your wet hands will also be protected from sharp hook and the nasty cuts wet hands can suffer when handling fishing line, particularly braid.

Handling fish can be tricky at the best of times, especially when they haven’t been played out and they’re in your arms full of fight. You protect the fish, and you also protect yourself from sharp gills and spines. You are less likely to drop the slippery fish back in the drink and ruin the moment of the perfect catch.

The mesh outer is supper flexible providing comfort and allowing a high level of dexterity. The fabric is breathable making the ideal for the hot days. An ultra-thin titanium alloy layer keeps your hands warm when you’re fishing in the depths of a cold winter.

Stain resistant and easy-wash, your Shimano Ocea Jigging Gloves will help you to get a better grip on your fishing, protect you and protect the fish also. Available in large for the average angler and extra-large for those with big hands, the Ocea Jigging Gloves also look great. They’re a great gift idea also, for the angler with everything. Put a pair of Shimano Ocea Jigging Gloves in your shopping trolley now, for super effective hand protection out on the water.

Features and Specifications

  • Size:  Large, Extra Large or XXL Large
  • Colours: Stylish Black and grey with Shimano and Ocea logos
  • Reinforced non-slip material on the index finger and palm
  • Breathable and Lightweight
  • Cool in the heat and Warm on the cold days
  • Quick Dry
  • Stain resistant
  • Stretch mesh with ultra-thin titanium alloy layer

Note: Price is for one single set of gloves only. Choose the size required when ordering.  Images for illustration only, slight variations may occur.


  • Breathes on the hot days to keep your hand cool while in the winter, the ultra-thin titanium alloy layer keeps your hands warm.
  • Our hands are always exposed to the sun when we’re fishing. The Ocea Jigging Gloves will keep you hands protected from dangerous UV rays.
  • Provides outstanding grip for tracing line and handling slippery fish as well as protecting wet hands from razor sharp gill rakers and fin spikes.
  • Ideal for adding extra grip when casting on wet days or when the wave action just won’t give you a chance to dry out.
  • Protects your hands and fingers while still providing a good level dexterity for items that are difficult to handle in chunky gloves.

If for nothing else, the Shimano Ocea Jigging Gloves provide UV protection for the hands, an area of our bodies we angler tend to overlook. The Ocea Jigging Gloves deliver so much more however, from grip to safety, and are a must have for the keen angler.


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