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Power Pro Depth Hunter (Multi Colour Braid)

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Product Description

Power Pro Depth Hunter Braid (Choose from 333 yard or 500 yard spools)

Power Pro braided fishing line is one of our best-selling braided fishing lines and why wouldn’t it be? Being part of the Shimano family, you can rest assured that Power Pro braid is a quality product and offers excellent value.

Power Pro is very popular braid, used across the globe by many anglers fishing in both fresh and salt water. Power Pro is renowned as producing a braid that is smoother, rounder, slicker and structurally superior to alternative braided fishing lines on the market. Power Pro is produced using super strong Spectra fibre, which is then treated with Power Pro’s enhanced body technology creating a super strong, smooth and sensitive braided fishing line.

What’s Different about Power Pro Depth Hunter?

Power Pro Depth Hunter, in addition to the normal Power Pro features, is a colour coded braid that will help you to put your lure or bait right into the zone where the fish are. Each of the 4 alternating colours (blue, yellow, green and orange) is 25ft in length, meaning that when a colour repeats you have 100ft of line out. In addition to the 25ft colour changes, there is also a black mark every 5ft which allows a much more precise measurement of the depth your lure is at.

Multi-coloured braided fishing lines like Power Pro Depth Hunter are regarded by many to be specific jigging braids. Whilst this is one area where there a lot of benefits to using a multi-coloured line, the advantages of this type of line extends well beyond jigging alone. The ability to accurately know the depth of your rig is very beneficial when dropping baits down to large fish seen on the sounder, when lowering your rig to sit close to a snaggy bottom, as well as when catching live bait from schools showing on the sounder. Knowing the distance of the lure from the boat is also very useful when trolling, allowing multiple lures to be spaced appropriately to avoid tangles and put the lure right into the strike zone.

Features and Specifications

  • Enhanced body technology braid
  • 4 colour sections of 25ft each colour
  • Additional black marks every 5ft for more accurate lure and bait placement
  • Good knot tying and knot holding qualities
  • Long lasting performance
  • Won’t bury in the spool
  • Spools and packs better
  • No memory
  • Near zero stretch
  • Reduces backlashes, wind knots, guide and tip wraps
  • Extraordinary strength to diameter ratio
  • Resistant to abrasion
  • Won’t cut or groove guides
  • Effortlessly sails through the guides giving great casting ability

Spool Sizes Available

  • Choose from either 333 yard size or 500 yard spool sizes. (price varies depending on which size spool you choose to purchase)

We also sell Bulk Power pro depth hunter on a separate listing here



  • The 4 colour system used in the Power Pro Depth Hunter braided fishing line is great for dropping lures and baits down to particular depths, with the additional black marks every 5ft further increasing the accuracy.
  • The “Enhanced Body Technology” used in Power Pro braids produces a fishing line that is rounder, smoother, slicker and structurally superior to other braids, which is suitable for all fishing styles. This also leads to the other features of Power Pro, such as easy knot tying ability, excellent knot holding, high abrasion resistance, exceptional cast ability, resistant to wind knots and guide wrapping, packs well on the reel and long lasting.

Give Power Pro Depth Hunter braid a go next time you are spooling up, the benefits of being able to judge the depth of your rig will surely increase your catches, and you won’t be disappointed in the quality.

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