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Platypus Lo Stretch Fishing Line (300 metre spool)

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Product Description

Platypus Lo Stretch Fishing Line (300 metre spool)

Do you want some of the qualities and performance of braid yet prefer to fish with mono? There is a great solution for you from Australian owned and operated Platypus line, it’s called Lo-Stretch. And Platypus are telling us that it is so low stretch, it’s actually monofilament that thinks it’s a braid.

Lure anglers love braid simply because of the near zero stretch. The argument is; the low stretch imparts a better action on your lure and is far more sensitive; that is, you get far better feedback through line to hand. While this is true, with absolutely no give, braid is responsible for plenty of lost fish somewhat due to pulled hooks, Braid knots are inherently weaker, approximately 85% of line strength and knots are more difficult to tie with braid.

Platypus Lo-Stretch gives you the best of both worlds and, importantly, at a price as much as 1 third cheaper than some braid. You also get 100% knot strength and some level of stretch provides the angler with very useful shock resistance, which can be very useful for applications such as trolling. Platypus Lo Stretch is available in a great range of breaking strains, is affordable, and for sale now.

Features and Specifications

  • Breaking strains: 6Kg (0.28 mm), 8Kg (0.32 mm), 10Kg (0.37 mm), 15Kg
  • 300 Metre spool
  • Colour: Blue
  • Thinner than most conventional big name monofilament lines
  • IGFA Rated Fishing Line
  • Low stretch provides more sensitivity and can improve your lure action
  • Made in Australia
  • Line contains ultraviolet inhibitors as well as heat stabilisers
  • Ideal for saltwater or freshwater fishing

Note: Price is for 1 spool only. Price varies depending on which size option you select.



  • Thinner diameters allows you to pack more line on your spool. You can use a heavier test weight than you would usually for a similar amount on the spool.
  • Low stretch provides added sensitivity which is great for getting the most from your lures action.
  • At roughly a third of the price of some braid brands, you can spool up with outstanding fishing line and save a heap of coin.
  • Knot tying is far easier with mono and knot strength is often superior.
  • Platypus is Australian made so when you buy Platypus Lo-Stretch, you’re investing in Australia.
  • Compliant with IGFA rules and regulations.

The techniques for the manufacture of mono continue to keep pace with the demands of modern anglers. Braid will never take the place of monofilament, particularly when outstanding mono like Platypus Lo Stretch is available at two thirds the cost of braid.

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